10 Best Backpacks for Drones to Buy in 2021

Best Backpacks for Drones

One of the most valuable items that are worth a consideration by every drone user or owner is a specially designed drone backpack. It is relatively easy to carry your drone in the back of your car or hands for short distances to your local flying spot. However, protecting your precarious drone can be a bit tricky if you intend to travel long distances with your device such as travelling on rough, dusty roads or flying on planes for hundreds of miles.

If you have invested large amounts of money in acquiring a quality drone, it would be unwise not to spare some cash in purchasing a well-built carrying case. Acquiring the best backpack for drone helps avoid unnecessary expenses in repair and maintenance. Unfortunately, a lot of time is being spent on researching a good drone backpack considering the overwhelming choices that internet presence. A lot of times, you end of choosing a wrong product. Our team realised this issue and decided to create a well-researched compilation and recommendations for 10 best backpacks for a drone that you can choose in 2019.

Drones are Here to Stay

Flying a drone is considerably new but it is rapidly growing into a huge thing in the modern world. Therefore, if you own or use a drone for any purpose, whether commercial or recreational, then you are a member of a fast-growing tribe. The use of drones has exploded in the current consumer market, especially with the latest and exciting aerial photography options.

Usually, aerial photography involves taking videos and images of hard to reach and faraway places using drones. These include areas that may require hiking, lots of walking, climbing or even swimming to access them for photography. Apart from aerial photography, drones are used for other commercial purposes like delivering bought products, security inspections and much more. Regardless of the purpose for using drones, you will need a well-built bag to get your gadget safely to such places.

Besides, most people who are serious about using drones prefer to invest in high-quality UAVs for wonderful user experience and performance. If you are one of these individuals, we believe that you are likely to own many expensive gadgets and attachments to help in enhancing your flying experience.

The need for a Drone Backpack

As mentioned above, choosing the best backpack for drones makes it easier and safer for you to carry your gadget without it being broken or scratched. Apart from making it more reliable and more comfortable for you to travel with your drone, the right carrying case keeps your device and its accessories safe and organised.

Carrying your drone in your hands or standard backpacks for long distances puts your gadget at a higher risk as their interior is not designed to protect the delicate parts. This explains why there are several backpacks today that are purposely built for storing your drone safely during your travels.

With the high number of drone backpacks on the market now, you need to find a quality carrying case to protect your valuable drone and cameras. Nevertheless, finding the right bag that meets all your requirements can be a considerable challenge. You will be required to consider a number of factors before picking an ideal product, including interior design, safety features, storage space, price, and other additional features.

However, if you own a drone like Yuneek and DJI or any other valuable drone, you will need to purchase a well-designed backpack to keep them safe wherever you travel with it. Here we have researched and picked the 10 best backpacks for drones that you should consider. Therefore, whether you are looking for a universal carrying case that can hold various types of accessories and multi-rotor or a hard-sided bag with custom-cut foam for a given quad, you will find that product in our list.

It is also important to mention that after our research we have included some of the most popular backpack brands to ensure that you get the ideal product. Before we look at the reviews, let us get through the table below to identify the products on our review list and their key features.

Best Backpacks for Drones For 2021 – Our Top Picks

Image Product Name Compatibility, Features, Design Select
Manfrotto MB BP-D1 DJI Professional Video Equipment Cases Drone Backpack DJI Phantom 4 and other Phantom models Ultra-protective pouches, Adjustable interior design Check Price
Smatree Phantom 4 Backpack DJI Phantom 4/4 Pro Custom cut design and padded interior, Adjustable cells Check Price
Lykus DBP-100U Water Resistant Travel Backpack Phantom 4, Advnced, Pro, Phantom 3 Advanced, Standard, Professional, 4K Phantom 2 and similar models Thick interior padding material, Divided compartments Check Price
PolarPro DroneTrekker Backpack DJI Phantom 4, Phantom 3, GoPro Karma, DJI Mavic Customizable protective slots and Interior design Check Price
Bangcool Drone Bag DJI Phantom 3 Advanced, Professional, Standard and 4K Quadcopter Padded and Customizable interior Check Price
Drone Quadcopter Backpack DJI P4, P3P, P3A, DJI Phantom 4, Phantom 1,2,3 Professional, advanced and 4k quadcopter Padded Dual-compartments, Divided compartments Check Price
Think Tank Photo Airport Helipak Phantom 2, 3 and similar models Padded and Customizable interior design

Check Price
Smatree Backpack for DJI Mavic DJI Mavic, Pro Platinum/GoPro Hero 2018/ Hero 7/6/Pro/ Mavic 2 Zoom Soft compartments, Customizable interior Check Price
Ape Case, ACPRO1500W DJI Phantom 4,3,2,1 and most popular drones Padded and Customizable interior with compartments Check Price
Vetroo Hard Shell Protective Travel Backpack Case Bag DJI Phantom 4 (both professional, standard and advance), Phantom 3, Phantom 2 (Stan) Hardshell exterior, Customizable interior design Check Price

Detailed Reviews & Insights of Top 10 Drone Backpacks

Manfrotto MB BP—D1 DJI Professional Drone Backpack

This is an editor’s pick with great features.

The Manfrotto MB Drone Backpack is our top pick for the best backpack for drones as it comes with great features that can hardly be matched by most bags. It is made of a quality material that can withstand almost any weather condition and offers abundant storage.

The carrying case can be used as a carry-on bag for most flights as it is lightweight. Besides, it provides excellent versatility as it is designed for a DJI drone, which means that it fits many different contours and variations for this drone.

It includes the top compartment that protects the attached lens and your DSLR. Apart from the top compartment, lots of space for storage, battery pouches and space for other accessories. On the other hand, the backpack also comes with an ultra-protective pouch fits around your gadget and kit closely. This helps keep the contents intact and safe.

The backpack includes one rack like compartment specially designed for remote and three removable zipper pouches. These create additional space for storage making it an ideal carrying case for long distance travellers. In addition, the bag features a side compartment that can accommodate 17-inch laptop and iPad. The bag also includes spacious pouches for batteries, chargers, cables and much more. Carrying batteries in a conventional backpack may cause them to keep banging as you move around, which can result in a fire.

Manfrotto MB features a compact design that makes it suitable for those who need to go climbing or hiking with their drone. Its ergonomic design allows you to carry your drone with propellers still in place, but externally secured or have the props removed. The carrying case includes an external tripod hook that helps secure the Manfrotto tripod outside the bag. This helps protect your drone with mounted propellers from outside the case.

It is among the most famous drone backpacks on the market today that attracts a lot of attention from people looking for high-end products. Its popularity is mainly due to its wonderful functions that are unique only to a few packs. The pack also comes with an adjustable interior configuration that allows it to be used for multiple purposes. Finally, you will also find this pack easier to handle as it offers different carrying options.

9.5Expert Score

Care For Drone

  • Offers dual carrying solutions, with the option to carry your quadcopter with mounted or removed propellers.
  • Adjustable interior design.
  • Provides flexible storage.
  • Manufactured from robust materials
  • Designed to fit different DJI Phantom variations and contours.
  • Does not fit some laptops and interior pockets are not soft enough though it is considerably more expensive.

Bottom Line

The Manfrotto MB backpack is a popular drone carrying case as it provides great features. It allows for maximum mobility as you move your drone with propellers securely mounted externally. Besides, the pack offers flexible storage as it is specially designed to fit all DJI contours and variations.

With its enhanced protection, the backpack includes a top compartment that safeguards the attached lens and DSLR. In conclusion, the Manfrotto MB pack comes with dual carrying options that make it one of the most convenient products in its category.

Smatree Phantom 4 DJI Backpack – Most Affordable

Here we have our runner up.

This is our alternative pick for the best backpack for drones as it offers amazing features. Besides, the carrying case is relatively affordable as compared to other products in its category. It also comes with a great design that makes it eligible for almost all types of quadcopters.

The Smatree Phantom 4 DJI pack has a large compartment that is specially designed to protect and hold the Phantom 4 styrofoam case with its original quality. With a rectangular hole, the pack’s design allows you to unlock the Styrofoam case easily. This enables you to open both the DP3000 Backpack and the case together and conveniently.

The Smatree Phantom 4 Pack features an upper back unique compartment that is purposely designed with adjustable cells. These cells allow you to load up to 4 pcs batteries in a safe and organized manner. The cells feature a detachable battery form interior that enables you to store your battery conveniently and safely. In addition, the cells can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of your unique accessories.

It also comes with a pocket behind the main compartment that provides additional interior space. The pocket at the backside leaves enough space that can accommodate most mobile devices to synchronize with Phantom 4 remote control, including tablets such as 9.7” iPad Air 2.

Moreover, the Smatree carrying case comes with two external zippered pockets. These pockets create additional storage space that is enough to store a number of propellers. The feature allows it to meet the needs of most drone users in outdoor, especially DJI Phantom 4 users.

The DP3000 backpack features a custom design that makes it ideal for Phantom 4 users and other users. It provides a safe and convenient way to transport your DJI Phantom 4 drone, its original foamed polystyrene case, other accessories and other quadcopters that meet the specifications for long distances. This explains why some drone users consider it as the best choice for an outdoor vacation.

Finally, the Smatree DJI Phantom 4 carrying case is manufactured with a high-quality material. This makes it a durable and comfortable backpack that can withstand harsh weather conditions, which means it an ideal carrying case for an outdoor vacation.

9.5Expert Score
Great Quality

Sufficient Storage

  • Made of quality nylon material.
  • Offers sufficient storage space for drone and accessories.
  • Relatively affordable.
  • Comes with the great custom design.
  • Includes adjustable cells
  • Slightly bulky for some users as it comes with a plastic shoulder buckle.

Bottom Line

Overall, Smatree is one of the best backpacks for drones that you can find on the market. The carrying case is also ideal for people on a tight budget but wants to upgrade from standard packs. Moreover, the backpack offers sufficient storage space for your drone, tablet, laptop and other accessories.

It also includes a detachable battery for the interior on the upper side of the bag that ensures that the battery is safely and conveniently stored. Finally, the Smatree Phantom 4 Backpack comes with adjustable cells can hold up to 4 pcs batteries and additional pockets on the backside for extra storage space.

Lykus DBP-100U Backpack for DJI Phantom 3 and Phantom 4/ 4Pro

If you are looking for a relatively affordable, lightweight and water-resistant backpack, the Lykus DPB-100U a great option. The carrying case is made up of water-resistant and lightweight Canvas material, which means it is ideal for outdoor use.

Apart from being light and strong, the bag is soft and comfortable on users as compared to hard shell backpacks. It features a great interior design that allows it to hold all DJI Phantom drone versions.

The compartment on the lower side is specially designed to safely and conveniently hold your drone’s body. On the other hand, the upper compartment is set to securely store charger and controller. It also comes with designated space for accessories and other items that you might need for your outdoor activity.

The lower compartment has the ability to hold the drone body, 4 sets of propellers, tablet, 4 batteries and other items. Its interior space is divided to fit the drone body, propellers, tablet, batteries and other gadgets. However, it is good to mention that the back pocket does not fit laptops that are over 10 inches in width and 12 inches in length.

Moreover, its interior design includes protective materials to safeguard your high-quality quadcopter. It is designed with a padding layer around all its interior compartments. The surrounding protective material protects your drone case and reduces the impact on the gadget that results from bumps and falls. In addition, the bag includes detachable holders that provide an additional layer of protection.

The backpack is also designed to make carrying your equipment much easier. It comes with straps that include soft and thick pads for wonderful user experience. Moreover, the soft and thick pads are also placed at the waist and back areas to help reduce the pressure. This makes it suitable for carrying your drone and accessories for long distances as it helps ease the burden on your body.

The durable nylon material makes it suitable for outdoor use as it can withstand harsh weather conditions. Besides, apart from the padding layer around the compartments, the large compartment features an attached pillow that protects the gimbal.

9.5Expert Score
Water Resistant Material

Thick and Soft Interior

  • Made of durable and water-resistant material.
  • Fits all DJI Phantom models.
  • Considerably affordable.
  • Features a thick and soft interior padding for extra protection.
  • Designated compartments that securely holds the drone body, and accessories.
  • Comes with soft waist and shoulder straps for extra comfort.
  • The back pocket does not fit laptops over 10 inches in width and 12 inches in length and few cases of zipper issues.
  • Includes a front panel that might put pressure on drone motors.

Bottom Line

The Lykus DPB-100U is another top quality backpack that is ideal for outdoor use. It is also super comfortable on the user due to its soft back and waist straps. Besides, the drone pack offers enough storage space for your quadcopter and accessories. The carrying case is designed with a protective padding layer around all the compartments that reduces the impact from falls and bumps.

PolarPro Drone Trekker DSLR/ Mirror less Cameras and DJI Phantom 4 Pro Backpack

The PolarPro Drone Backpack is purposely designed to fit the DJI Phantom 4 body and its accessories. It is also a product from a renowned brand for its high-quality class filters for DJI Phantom 4. The brand has now expanded its production into professional grade accessories. Some of the accessories that come from the popular brand include gimbal guards, DJI Phantom 4 carrying cases, lens covers and much more.

Moreover, apart from the production of quality products, PolarPro boasts of outstanding customer service. The customer service helps solve issues with the products as well as advise their customers on how to use and maintain the products correctly.

The PolarPro Drone backpack features a compact design that provides a discrete way to transport your drone for long distances. With its great features, it is advisable to use the Drone Trekker rather than lugging a hard pack around for wonderful user experience.

Unlike most standard backpacks, the PolarPro Drone Trekker comes with oversized padding on the waist belt and the shoulder straps. This aids in easing the burden of the weight of your quadcopter, multiple batteries and other accessories. The padding on the waist belt and the shoulder strap makes the carrying case super comfortable on the users. Besides, the sternum strap also helps in even distribution of weight, which allows for extended time carrying of your drone.

The Drone Trekker is ideal for storage of all the DJI Phantom models as it is a multi-configurable carrying case. Furthermore, the backpack can also be used to store a camera securely. The interior custom design makes it easy for you to switch it to a camera backpack. This involves moving the dividers around to ensure that they snugly fit around your camera, accessories and lenses.

Besides, the backpack also includes a pocket that can be easily accessed. The easy-access pocket can comfortably hold your 13-inch laptop. This bag also comes with an external tripod mount that is suitable for even full-size tripods.

In conclusion, the backpack is built from lightweight, but durable materials that make it serve you for a longer time. The bag is compatible with all DJI Phantom models, including Phantom 4, DJI Mavic, and Phantom 3, GoPro Karma as well as other drones with a compact design. Apart from a 15-inch easy access pocket, the bag also includes a tablet pocket.

9Expert Score
Durable and Light Weight


  • Made of durable and lightweight materials.
  • Comes with comfortable straps and waist belts.
  • Multi-configurable carrying case.
  • Adjustable interior design.
  • Offer ample storage space.
  • Relatively poor zippers and it is suitable for compact drones only.

Bottom Line

The PolarPro backpack is another versatile pack that you should consider if you are looking for the best carrying case for your drone. It comes with customizable protective slots making it one of the most versatile backpacks. Moreover, it also includes a 13-inch laptop pocket that can hold a 15-inch laptop and a TSA approved lock. The bag is also super comfortable on the user as it comes with oversized padding straps that evenly distribute the weight to ease the burden on your back.

Bangcool Drone Backpack for DJI Phantom 3 and Camera

If you own a DJI Phantom 3 drone and looking for a quality and reliable backpack, this could be an excellent option for you. The pack provides great features that allow you to carry your drone in one of the most comfortable and safest ways.

Apart from offering a safe way to transport your drone in any weather and anywhere, as it is waterproof, it also features a sleek and stylish design. The carrying case is made of quality nylon material and comes with a rain cover.

The sleek and stylish design makes the backpack to look good on the user while also offering protection to your drone. Therefore, this bag is worth your consideration if you want a carrying case that effectively safeguards your drone from the rain. This waterproof carrying bag is compatible with DJI Phantom 3 as well as other compact quadcopters. However, it is good to mention that the bag is not compatible with Phantom 2.

Moreover, the bag comes with a customisation interior design, which increases its versatility. With the customisation interior, the carrying case can be used safely and conveniently for DJI Phantom 3 or SLR camera bags while travelling.

The compact, durable backpack also features a soft waist strap and Sternum strap for perfect weight distribution. This helps ease the pressure on your back and shoulder allowing you to carry your drone and its accessories even for long distances.

The backpack provides sufficient storage for your drone, transmitter and other accessories like batteries, antennas, iPad, Propellers, cables and much more. This is the feature that appeals to most users. Besides, the Bangcool drone-carrying bag is ideal for filmmakers, photographers and enthusiasts that are in need of an adequate room for storage.

Apart from protecting your drone from harsh weather conditions, the backpack is designed to wear and tear. The backpack is suitable for climbing or hiking as the straps, and waist belt are specially designed to reduce excessive pressure on particular spots, including your shoulder and back. The bag also has several great reviews from its users, which is not a surprise due to its features and functions.

9Expert Score
More Storage Options


  • Provides additional storage for accessories such as batteries, propellers, iPad and much more.
  • Comes with the customization interior.
  • Made from the waterproof and durable material.
  • Super comfortable as it includes soft Sternum straps and waist belt.
  • Compatible with DJI Phantom 3 Advanced, standard and Professional as well as a 4K drone.
  • Offers great value for money.
  • Not compatible with all Phantom models, especially Phantom 2 and relatively expensive.

Bottom Line

Buying a good drone such as any version of DJI Phantom is a considerable colossal investment. Therefore, it is important to invest in ways of ensuring that your gadget and its accessories are well protected from impacts, scratches and adverse weather conditions.

The Bangcool bag is an ideal backpack for any drone user as it provides great features that meet all the requirements. It is also incredibly comfortable as its straps are designed to ease the pressure of the weight of the drone from your back and shoulders.

HDStars Drone Quadcopter Backpack for DJI Phantom Review

The Drone Quadcopter Backpack is another carrying case that is suitable for those working on a tight budget. It comes with great features that can hardly be matched by most of the backpacks available on the market. The carrying case is compatible with many DJI Phantom models, including DJI Phantom 4, 4Pro+, 4PRO Professional, 4 Professionals+, Phantom 3 Professional, Advanced and Standard.

Moreover, the backpack offers ample storage space for convenient and secure storage of drone and its accessories. It is specially designed with convenient pockets, which include 4 slimmer inner pockets for a tablet, memory cards and smartphone. Besides, it also includes additional compartments that provide space for a radio controller, a charger, spare batteries and other accessories.

The carrying case is built with wide soft straps that ensure that there is even distribution of weight to ease the pressure on particular spots. In addition, the bag is designed with a padded dual compartment interior that safeguards the drone and the accessories impacts due to falls, bumps and scratches.

It is also made of water-resistant fabric that protects your quadcopter and the accessories from lousy weather elements. The high-grip zipper pulls makes it easier for you to lock and unlock the carrying case. However, the only flaw with this backpack is with the zipper pulls design as one of the zippers slips off.

Furthermore, the drone backpack comes with a customizable interior design that allows it to fit DJI Phantom 4, Phantom 3 and other similar models. It also has a convenient size, which enables it to accommodate your drone and a number of accessories. The bag can accommodate drones with up to 11.4 x 11.4 x 7.25” in size.

Finally, apart from the great design, the bag also features a brilliant artisanship that ensures it roomy and comfortable enough to the user. Apart from the functions, the bag is also decent, and thus it will look good on you.

8.5Expert Score
Sufficient Storage

More Options

  • Comes with a customizable interior design that increases its versatility.
  • Provides sufficient storage space for DJI Phantom 4, Phantom 3 and similar models with accessories.
  • Includes slimmer pockets for slimmer items like memory cards and smartphones.
  • Features wide straps for even weight distribution.
  • Built with a padded dual-compartment interior to protect your drone and its accessories.
  • Made of water-resistant fabric.
  • Considerably affordable.
  • Includes high-grip zipper pulls.
  • Great backpack, but has a flaw in its zipper design that causes it to slip off.
  • Compartments might not be enough for people with lots of equipment.

Bottom Line

Overall, Quadcopter Backpack Carrying Case is an excellent backpack for drones, especially the DJI Phantom 4, Phantom 3, other similar models. It also comes with many features that come handy to drone users. The drone backpack comes with compartments for drone and accessories storage and slimmer pockets for items like memory cards.

However, many people complain of the bag’s zipper design as it slips off. It is also important to mention that the compartments are not well designated as compared to most of the products here. This makes it hard for people with more accessories to carry them in a safe and organized manner.

Think Tank Airport Helipak

The Think Tank Airport Helipak is specially designed for DJI Phantoms and it is even compatible with the new Phantom 3. As the name suggests, the bag is mostly built for use while travelling with airlines. It is super-lightweight and comes with features that fit within US national and international specifications for airline carry-on.

Moreover, the carrying case features a customisation interior design as the padded dividers can be adjusted to meet your custom needs. With the customisation dividers, the bag can be used for multiple purposes rather than just carrying a Phantom drone. It also includes a laptop sleeve.

Think Tank is known for durable, quality Airport bags and Airport Helipak is no exception. Therefore, you can rely on this backpack to carry your drone and a variety of accessories for a long time. Besides, the bag offers ample storage space making them an ideal pack for filmmakers, photographers as well as other users that are required to travel with several gears or accessories.

The bag accommodates accessories that accompany a drone such as a Wi-Fi range extender, the transmitter, FPV monitor, spare batteries, a GoPro Hero-sized camera, up to a 15” laptop. Furthermore, the backpack is compatible with a variety of quadcopters, including the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, DJI Phantom 3, DJI Phantom 4 Pro+, Blade 350 QX3, 3DR Solo as well as other similar models.

When it comes to this bag, the only downside is that you are required to remove the Phantom propellers of your drone to fit into the carrying case. However, this might not be a big deal to most users because setting up and breaking down propellers takes less than a minute.

It is made of a water-resistant fabric that includes a longer-lasting water repellent (DWR) coating. In addition, the underside is designed with a polyurethane coating for extra protection. This ensures that your drone is protected from bad weather elements, especially the rain making the bag a suitable outdoor carrying case.

Apart from the durable fabric, the bag is built with YKK RC Fuse zippers that are abrasion-resistant. This another unique feature that sells the carrying case to many users as most durable bags have a flaw in zippers designs. The fabric includes 420-velocity nylon and 600D polyester while the bottom panel is made of 1680D ballistic nylon.

Finally, the bag has high breathability as it is designed with 3D air mesh, honeycomb mono mesh, and a big hole air mesh. It also includes other additional features that make it stand out from its competition, including ultra-stretch pockets, nylon webbing, Y-buckles, 3-ply bonded nylon thread and nickel-plated metal hardware.

8.5Expert Score
More Storage Options

Water Resistant

  • Customizable interior design.
  • Offer sufficient storage space.
  • Made of water-resistant and durable fabric.
  • Meets international airlines specifications.
  • Compatible with a range of drones.
  • Requires you to remove the propellers for your drone to fit in and is relatively expensive.

Bottom Line

The Think Tank Airport Helipak bag is the ultimate choice for anyone looking for a quality carrying solution for his or her DJI Phantom drones. It also complies with international airline specifications, which means that it is ideal for those traveling through the airport.

Smatree Backpack for DJI Mavic Pro Platinum/ GoPro Hero 2019/ Hero 7/6/5/4/3+/3

This is another dependable backpack from Smatree that every drone owner or user should consider. A multi-functional carrying case is compatible with DJI Mavic Pro and GoPro Camera. The bag is purposely designed to keep these gadgets safe and in a well-organized manner. It also comes with great features that make it fit for flight and outdoor activities.

The backpack features a customized-cut EVA foam that can hold one DJI Mavic quadcopter, one battery charger, four spare batteries, one remote controller, one battery charging hub and other accessories. This ensures that these accessories are safely and conveniently stored.

Besides, the carrying case also includes a customized-cut EVA foam ideal for GoPro and can hold one sessionor GoPro Hero (2019) or Hero 7/6/5/4/3, six batteries as well as other accessories. It is also designed with a pocket for one 13-inch laptop and one tablet. It also comes with a transparent mesh pocket for accessories and cables.

The backpack is designed with padded straps and back pad that helps relieve pressure on the shoulders and the back. This offers all-day comfort and allows you to carry your drone together with its accessories with ease making it a perfect bag for hiking or climbing. Moreover, the shoulder straps feature a removable slider, which provides an alternative multi-angle for your GoPro.

Compact, durable and designed with well-designated compartments for storage of particular gadgets. The wide padded straps make it portable and super comfortable to carry on your back while on vacation. With the wide straps, there is a balance of weight and pressure exerted on various spots. This reduces strain on your shoulders and the back that results from the weight of the bag.

Lastly, the carrying case is made of durable nylon and high-density EVA materials that are anti-collision, water-resistant and anti-scratch. This ensures that your GoPro and DJI Mavic Pro drone is well protected.

8.5Expert Score
More Storage Options

Extra Comfort

  • Multi-functional carrying case.
  • Provides ample storage space for your drone and its accessories.
  • Ideal for flight and outdoor sports activities.
  • Comes with padded straps and backpad for extra comfort.
  • Made of high-quality materials, that are collision, scratch and water resistant.
  • Dust and dirt proof fabric.
  • Does not fit DJI Mavic 2 Zoom/ Mavic 2 Pro and batteries do not perfectly fit in their designated areas.
  • Considerably expensive.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Smatree is a multi-functional carrying case that suits the needs of any Mavic Pro and GoPro Camera owner. It comes with an excellent design and features that help keep your valuable gadget safe and well-organised. The bag features a customized-cut EVA foam for Mavic Pro and its accessories and another customized-cut EVA for GoPro.

Besides, the bag is super comfortable as it is designed with wide padded straps and backpad. The shoulder straps feature a removable slider that provides an alternative multi-angle for your GoPro. Finally, the bag is made of a combination of quality materials that ensures that your valuables are well protected from scratch, collision and water.

Ape Case, ACPRO1500W Backpack for DJI Phantom 4,3,2,1 or Similar Drone models

The Ape Case ACPRO1500W is specially designed for a drone user that is always on the go. It comes with incredible features that include a padded interior with perfect compartments to ensure your accessories are safe and well-organized. With the padded compartments, both your drone and the accessories are protected from impacts that result from falls or bumps.

Therefore, if you are looking for a lightweight carrying case that offers maximum protection to your drone and its accessories, then choosing this pack is no brainer. It is ideal for both outdoor sports and flight activities, so you can try it when boarding the next flight.

The bag comes with a heavily padded interior that is divided by yellow nylon dividers to make it easy for you to locate your accessories. Just like other Ape Case carrying cases, the ACPRO1500W exterior is durable, rugged and is designed to withstand adverse weather elements. It is also purposely built to suit any terrain you travel through. The bag is also designed as a perfect place to safely to conveniently keep your drone and its accessories even when not on the go.

In addition, the carrying case is multi-functional as it fits the DJI Phantom 4, 3, 2, 1 or similar drone models. These other models include the Parrot BeBop series and much more. The large compartments fit drones of up to 14-inches and 7-inches tall while the padded compartment securely fits laptops of up to 10.5” x 1.5” x 1.7” as well as most tablets.

Apart from offering ample storage, the bag also comes with a fully adjustable extra comfort harness system that includes a sternum strap for maximum comfort. With the wide soft straps that comfortably fit you, the carrying case helps reduce shoulder strain and back strain. The wide straps aids in evenly distributing the weight of the loaded bag.

The bag is also designed with runner stands to allow you to place it anywhere, which makes it ideal for outdoor activities. Besides, the bag has a water-resistant built-in cover that protects your drone and its accessories from rainwater.

Finally, the backpack is incredibly easy to use as it allows to access every compartment easily. Besides, it also enables you to find your accessories effortlessly. The bag provides individual compartments for phone, propellers, extra batteries, GoPro, cables and much more.

8.5Expert Score
Very Easy To Use

Multi Purpose

  • A multi-functional carrying case as it accommodates a range of drones.
  • Built to withstand any weather conditions.
  • Incredibly easy to use.
  • Ideal for both flight and outdoor sports activities.
  • Comes with comfort-plus harness strap system for extra comfort.
  • Include stands that allow you to place your bag anywhere.
  • Relatively poor quality seams.

Bottom Line

The ACPRO1500W is a wonderful drone carrying case that suitable for drone users who travel more frequently. It comes with a padded interior that includes well-designated compartments to fit your drone and accessories. Moreover, the bag is ideal for both flight and outdoor sports activities. It also purposely designed with stands that enable your bag to stand anywhere.

Vetroo Protective Hard Shell Travel Backpack for DJI Phantom 4, 3, 2 Drones Review

Vetroo Hard Shell Travel Carrying Case is another wonderful multi-functional backpack on the market today. It is compatible with DJI Phantom 4 Professional, standard and advanced, DJI Phantom 3 and Phantom 2. Besides, the backpack comes with a perfect design that enhances its comfort, practicality, and efficiency.

The bag features soft wide straps that allow for even weight distribution from your backpack. This helps reduce the strain on your back and shoulder making it possible for you to carry the bag even for a day. With these great features, the bag is suitable for hiking or climbing and is perfect for photographers that have to carry a loaded pack for a long time.

Furthermore, the carrying case is made of a durable and water-resistant material that allows you to withstand adverse weather elements. It is also lightweight and features customizable interior design. This enables it to fit a range of drone versions, especially DJI Phantom models and different accessories. The padded shoulder straps make it super comfortable as compared to standard carrying cases. In addition, the straps are adjustable, which means that a wide variety of individuals can use it.

Its customizable interior design makes it one of the most dependable multi-functional backpacks. The Vetroo bag offers the freedom to carry your Phantom quadcopter anywhere, conveniently, securely and effortlessly. This means that you can take to any place and fly it whenever and wherever you want.

The exterior case design is one of the unique features that make this carrying case stand out for most of the packs in its category. It features shock absorbent foam that is reinforced with an aluminum case to protect your DJI Phantom quadcopter from impacts.

Therefore, the exterior case is purposely designed to provide full protection and allow you to have peace of mind no matter where you go. The interior design is also excellent as it features internal foam that offers secure and smooth fit for your DJI Phantom drone. It also provides extra slots that perfectly hold spare batteries, your transmitter and other accessories.

Lastly, it is good to mention that the only downside of this backpack is that it does not fit the latest Phantom 3 standard. Besides, its controller does not fit into the bag too since it is different from that of the other models.

9Expert Score


  • Multi-functional carrying case.
  • Comes with durable protective hard shell exterior.
  • Features soft wide adjustable straps.
  • Provides sufficient storage for your drone and accessories.
  • Made of durable and water-resistant material.
  • This relatively expensive backpack does not fit the latest DJI Phantom 3.

Bottom Line

The Vetroo backpack is another drone carrying case that offers great value for your money. It features a perfect design that guarantees durability, practicality, and efficiency, so it gives you peace of mind wherever you go. The multi-functional backpack comes with a hard shell protective exterior that protects your quadcopter and its accessories from impacts. Besides, it also includes soft, wide and adjustable straps making it more comfortable than a standard bag.

Drone Backpack Buyer’s Guide

Considering the relative cost and challenges that come with drone ownership, you might be tempted to take the purchase of a backpack for your multirotor or quadcopter as a mere afterthought. However, every drone user knows that it is wise to invest in buying the best backpack for drones as it ensures that the gadget is safe. This also helps avoid incurring unnecessary expenses in maintenance and repairs.

Choosing the right carrying case for your quadcopter allows you to travel with your drone to any place. Nevertheless, it is important to mention that finding the ideal pack, which meets all your needs, can be a daunting task. We have prepared a detailed drone backpack buyer’s guide to help you find the right carrying case with ease.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Backpack for Drones

As mentioned above, finding the right backpack for drone can be a challenge. However, this becomes much easier if you know the factors to look for in your ideal carrying case.


The first key factor to consider when buying a backpack for your drone is the design, which includes the interior and exterior designs. For instance, you have to decide whether to choose a bag with universal or custom-cut fit interior design. Picking a carrying case with custom-cut interior design ensures that you gadgets fit well in the compartments. On the other hand, a bag with a universal fit design can accommodate a wide variety of devices, though they might not fit properly.

Moreover, you will also be required to choose between a bag with soft-sided exterior or hardshell exterior. Most users prefer a backpack that offers heat protection, shock absorption and water-resistant. The best pack should also feature a design that provides enough security and meets air travel specifications.

In most cases, carrying cases are designed with soft, wide padded straps to ensure that there is even distribution of weight. This helps reduce the pressure and strain on the shoulders and the back, which could cause discomfort to bag users.

Necessity or Purpose of Use

Necessity is the other factor that influences the selections that you make while buying the best backpack for your drone. For instance, journalists and aerial photographers have their requirements in a carrying case. Besides, those who travel in commercial airlines with their quadcopters have to comply with the international airline’s specifications.

On the other hand, owners of particular drone models such as DJI Phantom and other similar models find their ideal bags among the cases designed for those models. Choosing backpacks intended for specific drone models and applications give users the opportunity to discuss various considerations with other users.

Material or Fabric

When it comes to finding the right backpack for your drone, it is also important to consider the material used. The best carrying case should be made of a strong, durable and water-resistant material such as high-quality nylon. This ensures that you get an excellent value for your money and also helps protect your drone and its accessories from lousy weather elements.

However, some of the popular brands come with fabrics with additional features such as dirt or dustproof, heat protection and shock absorption. Most bags are designed with soft material and padded fabric on the straps and the waist belt to make them super comfortable on the users.

Storage Space

The best backpack for your drone should offer ample storage space for your gadget, its accessories and other items that you might need. Most of the carrying cases are designed with a number of well-designated compartments that fit specific items like laptops, chargers, and spare batteries.

Besides, some of the top quality bags feature a customizable interior that allows users to adjust the design according to what they want to carry on the carrying case. A number of the backpacks also provide storage space for unique accessories such as slimmer items like memory cards and smartphones. Therefore, if you are a drone user that needs is required to carry lots of items and accessories such as journalists or an aerial photographer, it is advisable to opt for a bag with sufficient storage space.

Price or the Budget

Just like any other product, the price of a given bag is a key factor in determining whether it is the right one for you. However, it is good to understand that though a high price may imply that a bag is of top-quality, this might not always be true. There are several affordable backpacks that offer good value for your money, just as you can see in our reviews above.

What are Airlines’ Specifications on Carry-on Backpacks?

In most international airlines, there are typical considerations of weight, configuration and size for a carry-on and checked baggage. The other thing that complicates the process of transporting electronics is the arousal of fellow passengers and inspectors’ suspicion.

Therefore, it is advisable to check earlier for any issues or regulations that may apply to be on the safe side when making travel arrangements. Usually, apart from ancillaries and airframe, you will at least need a TSA-approved and shielded protective gear to carry your power supply safely.

As mentioned earlier, some of the bags in our reviews meet international airlines requirements for transportation of drones and other gadgets. Thus, if you intend to travel with your drone through airlines, you should consider backpacks that meet the set standards.

How to Pack Your Drone in the Backpack

Apart from packing your battery, the other tricky issue is transporting your drone without necessarily having to dismantle it to protect any moving parts. Drone’s propellers and other appendages are fragile, which means that they need to be packed well to avoid damages.

Usually, the best backpack for drones should offer a convenient design with great features that ensure that your drone parts remain intact throughout the journey. Most bags are fitted with impact-resistant cushioning to protect against breakages, especially when the pack is crushed or accidentally dropped. This brings another debate on the benefits of choosing a bag with hardshell exterior over soft-sided carrying cases.

Besides, it is important to consider packing your equipment in a heat-resistant and water-resistant backpack. The bag and its contents are likely to experience conditions associated with sensitive electronics such as drones and its accessories.

Conclusion & Recommendation

The backpacks that we have listed in our reviews above are some of the top-rated drone carrying cases on the market today. These bags offer great design and many features that allow you to transport your drone and its accessories safely and conveniently.

We recommend Manfrotto MB DJI Phantom backpack as it provides ample storage space for your gear. Besides, the bag is a multi-functional carrying case that fit a range of DJI Phantom configurations and variations. It also provides a wide range of carrying options as it comes with a fully customizable interior. Finally, the bag is made of a durable and water-resistant material that enables it to withstand adverse weather elements and last longer.

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