5 Best Indoor Drones

best indoor drones

The very first thought that comes to our minds when we heard of the word ‘drone’ is an unmanned aerial vehicle carrying goods for delivery, high-end camera drones for aerial photography so on and so forth. Relax, drones are often not just meant for such serious tasks but can be used as a mere toy. Yes, we are talking about the palm-sized nano and mini drones. And since more and more people are having fun indoor with small drones, we decided to compile a top list of 5 best indoor drones you can buy in 2019. To compile this list, we did some serious research, scanned through hundreds of products and shortlisted the top 5.

Indoor Drones – Why They are Gaining Popularity?

Unlike the advanced outdoor drones which demand budget planning months before the purchase, these tiny indoor toy drones are really cheap.

However, be prepared for flying papers! Plus, you got to be extra careful while flying around pets and toddlers. The indoor drones are usually of small size. Your curious pet can easily swallow its tiny parts. Though most of the indoor drones come with propeller guards, it is always recommended to fly not anywhere near the screens.

You can easily find one on the market for as less as $20 also. But, picking the right one may not be as simple as you think. You need to buy a durable drone that stays all in one part even after bumping onto the walls for several times, it should not scratch the wall or your palm.

In short, indoor drones need to be durable, easy and safe to fly, affordable and stable.

To make the task a lot easier, we have listed some of the important aspects to be considered while purchasing an indoor drone. Here we go!

How to Choose a Good Indoor Drone?

Control Distance

Indoor drones are often used in a confined area. So, control range may not be a major concern. However, if your mini-drone offers good control distance, you can sit on the couch peacefully and enjoy the drone flying without worrying about the drone losing its control.

If you want to use the indoor drone at your office to spy on a co-worker, obviously from a safer distance, then long control distance will be of great help!!!

Jokes apart, some nano drones offer so less control distance that you need to literally walk behind it. That should not be the case.

Flight time

For how many minutes can you fly your indoor drone once charged fully? – is what this parameter is all about. Generally, indoor drones can fly for 5 to 10 minutes on a single charge. If this is not enough for you, then you can consider buying a spare battery. Swap them out and enjoy the extended minutes of flying fun.

Some drones even come with bonus extra batteries for the extended fun. HolyStone F181Cis one good example to quote here.

WiFi Compatibility

If you are looking for a cheap indoor nano/mini-drones you may not find a Wi-Fi compatible one. Well, it is not a ‘must have’ feature also.

Still, since everything is controllable through Smartphones nowadays, ability to fly the drone using your Smartphone could make you feel a lot more sophisticated. The force1 range of Wi-Fi drones is one such example.

They also feature live video and many more interesting features. Is it not fun to take aerial footages of your own living room on a boringly boring snowing day?!

Indoor drones with WiFi compatibility could be of great help during the DIY house renovation project. You can store the footages, pictures on your phone and can refer whenever you want. You can easily spot exactly what needs to be changed or improvised both indoor and outdoor your house.


There are toy grade indoor drones for as less $20 to as expensive as $1000. How much to spend on an indoor drone? Well, the answer often melts down to one’s personal choice. After all, you know what is there inside your piggy bank! But the reason we listed this aspect in the buying guide is mainly that of the two important reasons.

Firstly, indoor drones are often used as complementary drones in case of rough weather outside. You can use indoor drones inside your house or office just to keep yourself entertained. So spending a lot of money on them may not be a good idea.

Secondly, indoor drones are good to start your drone flying journey. They often feature different speed levels ideal for beginners, experts and everyone in between. So it obviously makes sense to start with an affordable indoor drone, learn the controls well and once you evolve as an expert pilot, you can go for the advanced or comparatively expensive drones.

Again, there are camera quads for some $100, with camera features that come very useful to capture happy moments inside the house or office during parties.

Best Indoor Drones 2021 – Our Top Picks & Reviews

Image Model Rating Select
DWI Dowellin Mini Drone Crash Proof 9 Check Price
Mini Drone, Potensic A20 RC Nano Quadcopter 9 Check Price
Holy Stone HS190 Foldable Mini Nano RC Drone 9 Check Price
SYMA X5C 2.4G 6 Axis Gyro HD Camera RC Quadcopter 9 Check Price
Holy Stone F181C RC Quadcopter Drone 9 Check Price

DWI Dowellin Mini Drone Crash Proof

Established in the year 2010 in Guangdong, China, DoWellIn (DWI) is a leading manufacturer of RC drones, RC helicopters and quadcopters, GPS Drones, camera drones and FPV drones.

The first thing that catches one’s attention is its circular shield. The shield is cleverly designed that not just adds up to the looks but makes the drone sturdy. The shield reduces the impact of drone hitting any obstacles. It protects the propellers and the motors well. So, banging into walls and ceiling could be of no problem now!

The compactly designed drone requires no assembly. You can have fun flying the drone right out of the box. The palm-sized mini-drone comes with a nice circular pouch for easy storage and to carry around.

The DWI indoor drone works with a 2.4GHz remote control. The remote controller is kept very simple with only the necessary buttons and levers – the power indicator in the center, speed toggle switch, headless mode and one key return buttons. The drone is easy to maneuver and the RC provides an amazing controlling distance of 60 to 80 meters.

The mini-drone is sure to entertain the whole family. With different speed levels, the drone is just perfect for beginners and experts and everyone in between and both for indoor and outdoor use. The colorful LED lights make it easy to fly even in the nights.

Beginners need not have to bother about the drone’s orientation since headless mode will take care of it completely. Even if anything goes wrong, the one key return will bring the drone back to the original take-off position.

All in all, this little indoor drone is a great deal for the money. it has got simply everything one could wish for in an indoor drone.

9Expert Score
Colorful LED Lights

Easy to Handle with Gears

  • Circular shield to protect propellers and motors make the drone highly durable.
  • Available in attractive colors like green and orange.
  • Comes in a round pouch.
  • Headless mode and one-key return helps beginners greatly
  • Colorful LED lights for night time flying.
  • Easy to toggle between low gear and high gear.
  • Equipped with a battery protection module provides 5 to 7 minutes of flight time.
  • No major flaws. It is a nice little drone in a highly affordable price range.

Mini Drone, Potensic A20 RC Nano Quadcopter

One of the leading manufacturers of FPV drones, GPS drones and drones specially designed for kids and beginners, Potensic is a well-known brand among the drone enthusiasts.

Come let us see what this indoor drone from Potensic has in store for us.

Well, look wise, the mini-drone is a lot pleasing. It comes in three different color variants – white, green and red. The compactly designed fun toy is almost the size of a Smartphone screen and weighs 7.2 ounces. The circular propeller guards are not just there to protect the propellers but add up to the overall appearance of the quad as well.

Design wise, everything is kept very simple starting from the quad to the remote controller. The included USB cord charger plugs directly into the drone’s body. So, easy to charge. It takes roughly 35 minutes to charge fully and once charged, the little bird can fly for 10 to 15 minutes.

That is amazingly great flying time for an indoor drone of this affordable price tag. The remote controller is also kept very simple and neat. No not many confusing buttons or levers. It is pretty easy to control the drone with the more sensitive 2.4 GHz remote controller that offers a great range of control. The mini-drone is equipped with the out of range alarm to warn the pilots that the drone is flying out of its control range.

Yes, it is truly inexpensive that too without compromising on the quality. The important flight feature includes –headless mode, one-key take off and landing. These features make it the true beginner level fun toy. However, if you are already an expert and opting this Potensic quad just for indoor fun during bad weathers you are not disappointed. It offers speed adjustment as well so that you can fly according to your proficiency.

Altitude hold is something cleverly designed here in this toy. You just got to release the throttle stick and the drone will be locked at a certain height and starts hovering. This offers great fun for the beginners and a lot of convenience for hobby users.

The list of useful feature is quite long for this little toy quad actually! Looks like Potensic has very well read your mind. They know that the drone pilots often forget to notice the battery level while having fun flying. In such cases, once the battery drains out beyond a certain threshold, the transmitter will sound with an alarm tone di-di-di!!! The low battery alarm is loud enough for the pilots to land the drone immediately.

9Expert Score
Speed Adjustments

Comes with Battery Alarm

  • Highly affordable indoor drone.
  • Speed adjustments for pilots with the different skill level.
  • Headless mode, altitude hold and one key takeoff and landing.
  • Low battery and out of range alarm
  • No Return home feature. However, you can easily land the drone instantly with the one key takeoff/landing button.

SYMA X5C 2.4G 6 Axis Gyro HD Camera RC Quadcopter

One more nano drone for indoor fun and this is from the HolyStone. The brand does not require any introduction since they are already a much-celebrated brand among the drone addicts. Whether beginners or experts, racers or aerial photographers, I am sure they must have come across one Holystone quad in their unique hobby journey.

Here is one such incredible tiny fun package – Holystone HS190.

Designed for indoor use, the nano-drone is small in size and foldable. The palm-sized drone can be fitted inside the compartment of the RC for easy portability.

It takes nearly 40 minutes to charge fully. You can use either the USB cable for charging the batteries or there is also a built-in tiny charging cable in the controller. This makes it convenient to carry the drone anywhere without having to worry about the power.

Though being little old fashioned, the 2.4GHz controller does its job well. Controls are easy to use even for kids. The controller’s operational range is 30 to 50 meters and I think, that is more than enough for an indoor drone.

Talking about the functionality of the HolyStone HS190 – well, it is an amazing little package of great fun.

3D flips to three different speed levels, HS190 will never disappoint beginners or experts or anyone in between. Keeping the beginners in mind, HolyStone has cleverly included headless mode and one key takeoff/landing. Once you have master the art of drone flying, you can free yourself by disabling the headless mode. After all no wishes to stay in one place! The bright white LED light will help you to keep track of which way the drone’s nose is pointing to.

9Expert Score
Great Charging Option

LED Lights

  • Two-way charging.
  • Three different speed levels for pilots of different skill level.
  • A true crowd pleaser with the 3-D flips and high-speed rotation.
  • LED lights for night time flying.
  • Altitude-hold functionality for easy hovering.
  • The remote controller is a little clunky. But you can fit the drone inside the RC and that is a cool feature.

Holystone HS190 is undoubtedly a sophisticated indoor drone for the price. Please note that the product is meant for indoor use and it does not feature a camera or any other advanced autonomous flight features.
It flies well; controls are easy to use, portable and durable. So all in all a great choice if you are looking for a nano drone to fly indoors when there is rough weather outside.
HolyStone HS 190 could be a great gift for a kid even if his age is 60!!!

SYMA X5C 2.4G 6 Axis Gyro HD Camera RC Quadcopter

With the sole motto of “making fly easy”, Syma has introduced several drones uniquely designed for beginners. They are the leading manufacturers of high-quality radio controlled drones for over a decade. Syma has always focused on providing Fun, Fantasy and Inspiration to their customers through their innovative products.

Here is one such Syma X5C quadcopter for indoor use. Let us see its overview in brief.

Being wind resistant the Syma quad is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. Unlike the other indoor nano/mini-drones in our list, this quad is not too tiny but can be carried anywhere you want. The drone is made safe to use indoors by cleverly adding the blade guards. The specialty of these blade protectors is that they are the high elastic protectors. They avoid wear of the blades during any collisions.

After the durability factor, it is the battery life that bothers most of the customers. The Syma quad takes roughly about 100 minutes to charge and can fly for around 7 minutes. This may not be too great for most of you, but 7 minutes of flying time is still decent enough for a camera drone at this price range.

Yes, you heard it right. It is a camera drone that is suitable for indoor use. Though most of you use indoor drone just to have fun during bad weather or as a mere toy for your kids, how about taking pictures indoors?! The HD camera, plus the 6-axis gyro stabilization that ensures great stability together contribute to taking decent quality footages.

You can easily capture photos and videos at the push of a button. Wow, you can use it during house parties, birthday and get together. Be careful and do not land the drone on the cake bro!

The Syma X5C comes with a 2.4 GHz remote controller. The RC uses spread spectrum technology that as anti-interference abilities.
It can also further enhance the control distance.

9Expert Score
Great Camera

Stable Flight

  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Equipped with the HD camera.
  • 6 axis gyro stabilization and wind resistance for stable flight.
  • Remote controller with spread spectrum technology for interference-free operation.
  • Camera quality is not very great. But the picture quality is justified for a camera drone of this price range.

Holy Stone F181C RC Quadcopter Drone

Here comes the last but (definitely not the least) drone #5 in our list of best in class indoor drones.
It has got everything one could wish for in an indoor drone –the camera, safety features like one key return, headless mode and a lot more. And on top of that, it is from the HolyStone – the most well-known brand that every drone hobbyists heard of.

What bothers one the most while flying a drone? It is the fear of drone getting lost. Is it not so?! Well, your worry ends now. Because the HolyStone F181RC comes with the most useful feature – one key return. Till now you had seen that in the other nano/mini quads listed above had one key takeoff/landing. But F181C flies back home with the push of a button. So more losing drones!

Other useful features are the headless mode for beginners, altitude-hold to hover at a certain altitude that helps to take quality pictures and videos.

With the 720P HD camera, you can capture the wonderful happy moments from a brand new angle.

Hang on, it is done yet, the HolyStone F181C RC quad has still got many useful features. The package comes with two bonus batteries. It takes about 80 minutes to get charged fully. Once charged the bird can fly for about 7 to 9 minutes. So, with the included bonus batteries, congratulation, fun time is extended!!

The 4 channel remote control is intuitive and easy to use. It provides the control range of 50 to 100 meters. After all, the sky is never the limit!!

The HolyStone products often stand out from the crowd and the reason is simple. Every holystone product is designed with the sole purpose of satisfying the customer’s needs without burning their pocket. The $100 RC quad is the real crowd pleaser.

You can play with it, take pictures and breathtaking aerial footages, store it using the included 4GB SD card and most importantly evolve as a confident drone pilot with it.

Yes, the HolyStone F181C boasts 4 different speed levels. So that you can learn drone flying step by step. By the end of the journey, you can even capture aerial pictures even while maneuvering the quad comfortably.

As a feather on the cap, the HolyStone F181C boasts LED lights. These lights help greatly to locate the drone during night time flying. You can even set these lights off as per your preferences.

9Expert Score

LED Lights for Night Mode

  • One key return feature to make sure the drone will never get lost.
  • 720 P HD camera with 4 GB micro SD.
  • LED lights for night time flying.
  • 360 degree 4-way flip for added fun.
  • Headless mode, altitude hold mode.
  • Comes with 2 bonus batteries for the extended flight time.
  • No First Person View (FPV) functionality.

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