7 Must-Have Drone Accessories


Drones are also known as UAV’s that stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and  these devices are controlled from a remote terminal. These have become popular because of their few sensational features.

Being one of the most useful inventions of the 21st century, drones find their applications in a wide variety of aspects of our daily lives. For instance, film-makers are now able to capture those stunning shots and visuals using drones which otherwise were either impossible to shoot earlier or were costing a fortune.

In this article, we are giving you insights into what are those must-have accessories for getting most out of a drone.


The battery is an essential part of drone technology. As these are unmanned devices, hence batteries play a vital role in flying these devices. Usually, drones come with a default battery that is known as Parrot PF070056AA AR. DRONE 2.0 1500mAh LiPo Battery. This is a powerful standard battery for drones.

Parrot AR Drone Battery

However, one of the limitations of this default battery is that its power lasts for about 25-30 minutes which is too less for one to enjoy the experience of flying a drone. You would want to charge the battery again for an hour to use it for the drone for re-flying. Good thing is that these batteries are easily available in the market and online.

Extra Tip: It's recommended that if you want to use drones on various locations and need hours of flying time, then you must keep an extra set of charged batteries so that your work is not interrupted.

Apart from above-mentioned battery, some of the good batteries available online are as below (note that you can't just pick any battery, it needs to match with your drone's model)

A Drone Camera

Without this essential accessory, drones are pretty much blind and useless. Whether you need your drone for shooting movie scenes or for monitoring a football match, a high-definition camera is a must-have accessory to be attached along with a drone.

A Drone Camera

A Drone Camera

There are several brands of camera makers that provide great cameras for this aerial device.

Some of the brands that provide drone cameras are BLADE, DJI, GoPro, HUBSAN and Parrot. These cameras boast good features that include 1080p HD Video Recording, 720p HD Video Recording, wide angle lens that is compatible with Go-Pro cameras.

The cameras are also controlled through smartphones via Wi-Fi. Some older cameras are still controlled through a remote control.

SD Card/ Memory Card

The memory card is essential for storing the data captured by drone's camera. And since, most of the data that will be captured is pictures and videos, you would need a memory card with big storage capacity and reliability.

These drone cameras use class 10 card. The most popular brands that provide SD cards for drone are Syma,  JJRC, Hubsan and Toy Joy.

LED Lights

DJI Phantom 3 Pro LED Light Strip

DJI Phantom 3 Pro LED Light Strip

Drones are flown in even low-light conditions or nights and having an adequate lighting is vital.

LED's help to make drone visible in low light conditions. These are special LED lights that come in a pack of four or six and they can be lit up through a button that is placed on the drone. Most of the drones come with LED lights while for some drones LED lights are fixed externally.

Landing Gear

Drones being aerial vehicles, a safe landing on the ground is crucial for them. Landing gears are the accessory that assists drone in landing.

Speaking about landing, there are two types of landing gears that include retractable and fixed.

There are several brands that will provide you landing gears for your drone. Landing gears are made up of aluminium, carbon and plastic.  Retractable gears are expensive than fixed ones.

Llov, Creation, MJX, XT-XINTE, Yacool  are some of the most popular and common brands that provide all essential parts related to landing gears for drones.

Propeller Guards

Propeller guards are an another key accessory of a drone. These guards play an important role in protecting the drone from the potential bystanders. These guards also protect the Unmanned Ariel Vehicle (UAV) from hitting the trees and the birds.

DJI Phantom Prop Guards

DJI Phantom Prop Guards

Guards are available in various colours that give the option to customise the drone. You need to have a spare set of propellers since they are fragile and fortunately not very expensive.

It takes insignificant effort in carrying a few sets of propeller guards for your drone because they are easy to carry. Moreover, these propeller guards hep to improve the visibility of your UAV as they are they are available in many different and bright colours.

These guards are available in different sizes. There are several other brands that manufacture these guards and you can procure the propeller guards online easily.

Outboard Prop Guard 11” that fits 25-35hp Motors, Outboard Prop Guard 9" that fits 9 - 20hp Motors are available online at eBay while Amazon offers DJI Phantom Prop Guards as a set of four.

Prop Balancer

An incorrectly balanced propeller can give you troubles while flying a drone and even the videos that will be taken by your drones can be quite unsatisfactory. For this reasons, you need to make sure that the props are balanced correctly.

A prop balancer allows you to balance the props and facilitates a good drone flying experience.

Du-Bro Tru-Spin Prop Balancer is the most famous and common prop balancer that is currently being used by drone owners. The best thing about this balancer is that you can balance any kind of prop with it even if it is 30-inch long.

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