Best Racing Drones – Our Top Picks for 2021 & Reviews

best racing drones

Gone are the days when drones were meant for military or some serious commercial purposes. Popularity for drones is increasing rapidly, which was almost nonexistent before. From kids to tech geeks every one wishes to try their luck with the drone flying now a day. Here is the list of best racing drones for you.

Today, people buy drone not just to have some astounding aerial athletics or to capture breathtaking aerial footages but to have a race with others. In a drone race, pilots got to control their little birds along a preset track, zipping over rocks and between woods competing against the fellow racers. There are some lucrative drone races happening around the globe where the drone pilots make a hell lot of money upon bagging the championship!!!

No wonder, FPV racer drone is a booming business today!!!

If you are still a beginner but want to dip your feet into the drone racing, you have rightly stopped by here. Here in this post, we have given the basic information on a racing FPV drone.

The list of top five best in class FPV racing drones of a variety of price range along with their pros and cons. These are drones could be your first step towards the whole drone racing journey and after several months of practicing you may end up in a big drone racer in the coming years!!

So, all the best on starting your new hobby!

Few aspects to be considered while buying the FPV best racing drones:

Fully assembled RTF v/s customizable kit

Most of the FPV drones come in two versions –Ready to Fly aka RTF or the kit. RTF models are best suited for beginners or for those who do not wish to spend extra time on assembling and setting up the drone.

The kit version included all the parts (sometimes only some of the parts) which need to be assembled all by you. Though the kit demands more effort it provides great customization options which most expert drone addicts expect.

The kit version of a racer quad generally costs little lesser than its RTF version.

FPV goggle v/s RC screen

FPV goggles are nothing but the goggles that you need to wear while drone flying to get the actual immersion effect. The goggles may not be comfortable for those who are totally new to this FPV.

In that case, the well-lit screen on the remote controller (most of the FPV drones do have this) will help you fly the little rocket. Even the telemetry data like battery life, flight mode etc are displayed on the screen which comes handy often.

Believe me, staring at the fast flying drone up in the sky is not an easy task and to maneuver a racer drone you definitely need a goggle.

Latency in the Video transmission

Now, this is something very very important for the best racing drones. Well of course for any drone for that matter. Latency is nothing but the little delay in the real-time video transmission. Though it is a real-time transmission, it is natural to have some delay.

To put it in simple word, your drone may be actually far ahead of where you are seeing it through the goggle (or the screen) due to the delay in FPV transmission. More the delay, there will be fewer chances of obstacle avoidance.

Camera unit

It is obvious for an FPV drone to boast a camera of its own. Some do come with camera mount thereby allowing you to use the camera of your choice. That is cool, but, remember some FPV drones boast camera that is ideal for only FPV but not to take photos or videos. Go through the specification carefully before buying.

To keep the things simple we have mentioned the most important aspects here. Apart from these, it will be nice if your FPV racer drone has basic features like altitude hold, one key take off and landing etc. These basic features help the beginners to learn drone flying without bumping it against hard surfaces or damaging other’s property.

Best Racing Drones – Our Top Picks for 2021

Image Model Rating Select
Holy Stone HS230 RC Racing FPV Drone 9 Check Price
Hubsan X4 Storm Professional Version H122D FPV Racing Drone 9 Check Price
ARRIS X220 220mm RC Quadcopter FPV Racing Drone 9 Check Price
ImmersionRC Vortex 230 Mojo ARF Racing Quad 9 Check Price
Eachine wizard x220 FPV Racing Drone 9 Check Price

Holy Stone HS230 RC Racing FPV Drone

Before having an overview, have you ever thought what makes a drone ideal for racing? Well, of course, the maximum speed at which it can fly. But trust me; it is not the speed alone that makes the drone ideal for racing. The pilot needs to keep an eye on the drone ALWAYS.

Practically, it is impossible to keep an eye on the fast-moving drone high up in the sky. So it is very much necessary that your racing drone comes with a really good quality camera with an uninterrupted real-time FPV transmission.

Holy Stone HS230 is one such ideal racing drone with not just FPV functionalities but with wind resistance, large LCD screen and much more. Let us discuss this little falcon in detail.

Talking about the first thing first, having the 2.8 GHz operating frequency and 5.8 GHz analog signal the live video transmission is very fluent. That means you can easily look at the large LCD screen on the RC and control the drone without necessarily looking at the first flying bird directly.

Designed uniquely for the racing purpose, the Holy Stone HS230 is equipped with powerful motors. With a quick acceleration, the drone can reach from zero to 45km/hour of speed within seconds.

Hang on, are you still a beginner? No problem, there are three different speed levels. You can gain confidence in the low-speed mode and then switch to the high-speed mode to take up the bigger challenges.

Apart from racing, you can also capture crisp and clear pictures and aerial footages to make every drone flying memorable. Thanks to the 720P high definition modular camera with its 120-degree wide angle!

Talking about the battery life, the Holy Stone FPV racing drone can stay up in the air for 7 to 10 minutes on a single charge. The bonus battery can extend it up to 14 to 20 minutes. Even in the case, the batteries start draining out mid-air, the low power alert warns the pilot.

Some design features of the remote control are worth mentioning here. Firstly, being a good FPV drone, the remote controller boasts a large LCD screen. Along with the good wind resistance the widescreen provides a great immersion effect for the pilots.

Key Features

  • The operating Frequency is 2.4 GHz.
  • Real-time Transmission Frequency is 5.8GHz Analog Signal
  • Camera specification is 1280 x 720
  • Flying time is about 7-10 minutes
  • Charging time is about 60-90 minutes
  • Transmitter Operation is about 328 feet
  • FPV range is 100 meters
9Expert Score
Great Fun with 360 rotation

Great Battery Support

  • Great real-time transmission with negligible delay.
  • Low battery alert.
  • 720P HD camera is suitable for both FPV and to take pictures and videos.
  • LED navigation lights for night flights.
  • 3 different speed mode makes the drone suitable for beginners and experts alike.
  • 360-degree rolls for extra fun.
  • Bonus battery supports longer flight time.
  • No altitude hold mode and memory card to store photos/videos.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a drone for the purpose of racing then, this could be a good choice. On the other hand, if you are in search of drones for aerial photography/videography then this Holy Stone RC may not be a wise choice. Also, for beginners, HS230 may not be easy to control since it does not feature altitude hold.

All in all, the Holy Stone HS230 is a good deal for the money. The FPC drone is a good entry-level racing drone. With the three different speed levels, you can learn drone flying step by step. The headless mode and 360-degree flips will add up to the fun.

Hubsan X4 Storm Professional Version H122D FPV Racing Drone

Want to race in the sky? Here comes the Hubsan X4 H122D with the LCD monitor and HV002 goggles. Yes, it is a complete package for a drone race enthusiast. You get everything you need for a drone race that too in an affordable price range.

Hubsan X4 is a new racer drone released by Hubsan recently. Unlike the majority of FPV racer drones, the H122D is powered by brushed motors. Now, this is something unusual. But the motor is efficient enough to power lift the H122D impressively well.

Talking about the camera, this micro racer drone is equipped with a 720P camera. Camera plus the amazing 5.8 GHz real-time transmission makes the Hubsan x4 one of the great FPV racer drone on the market.

The good part is that you can not only use this camera to have the bird-eye view but also can capture breathtaking aerial footages.

This amazing little flyer has multiple speed levels. With this flexible learning curve, you can grow as a pilot eventually.

The remote control is been kept very simple with those neatly labeled switches and levers. The included LCD screen makes the FPV feature a lot more simple and easy to use. Telemetry data like battery level, flight mode etc are also displayed on the screen which greatly helps the pilot.

The built-in failsafe feature is another great addition here. When the drones sense that it is running out of battery, the little bird will fly back to its take-off point automatically.

The included goggles can be used to have the immersion effect. However, there is one little gripe about the goggle. On the fly, if you wish to change some settings and/or modes, you cannot access any of the buttons on the screen without removing the screen from the goggle.

Key features

  • Camera is with 720P HD Camera.
  • Flight Time is 6-8minutes.
  • Charging time is 150 minutes.
9Expert Score
Great Flight

Camera Angles

  • 3 D flips and rolls for thrilling aerobatic flight
  • Two-speed levels
  • Wide and adjustable camera angle.
  • Brushed motors really limit the power that this can generate.
  • Latency in the FPV transmission is annoying while flying in an enclosed area.


The Hubsan H122D is a good beginner drone for anyone looking to experience FPV. The included goggle, LCD screen, the camera plus the aerobatic flips together make Hubsan H122D a great deal for the money.

It is undoubtedly a decent racer drone. However, if you are planning to go for drone racing championship with this, then sorry, you may not be going to win the competition.

Unfortunately, FPV transmission is laggy. The latency may not be too catastrophic but makes it harder to fly the drone in a limited space. Works well in a more open space though.

ARRIS X220 220mm RC Quadcopter FPV Racing Drone

Before commenting on anything about this racing drone, want to clarify one main thing first.
The Arris FPV quad is available in two different versions – the kit and the RTF version. So, please go through the specification carefully before buying.

The kit is nothing but a package of all the spare parts which you need to assemble all by yourself. Also, you need to buy some of the parts separately. So, obviously, this demands a basic knowledge of drone, lot of patience and the real zeal for drone flying.
On the other hand, the ready to fly aka RTV version is all set to fly right out of the box. Except for the chargers, you need not have to buy anything separately. Naturally, the RTF version is priced little higher than the kit version.

Here, we are reviewing the RTF version. With the Radiolink AT9S radio set and 4S LiPo battery, each drone is well assembled, calibrated and pre flown.

Design wise the body of the drone is kept simple. The symmetrical X shaped design along with the lightweight body helps the bird to fly at great speed without compromising on the flight stability. The printed circuit board is a well thought and implemented. It is a good solution to the quite confusing maze of wires.

The little rocket is highly durable. While racing, unfortunate crashes and bumping into the walls or trees are very much natural. But this racer drone can withstand them and remain all in one piece even after many such unfortunate accidents.

The Arris FPV racer boasts HS1177 mini camera. This is one of the popular FPV cameras on the market. The camera performance is very much satisfactory both in bright and dark light conditions. The camera angle can be adjusted from zero to 20 degrees. On top of that, there is no delay which makes this 700 TVL camera perfect for FPV drone.

9Expert Score


  • Durable yet light-weight construction with carbon fiber body and Titanium hardware.
  • Well coated electronics makes the drone totally waterproof.
  • More consistent and responsive flight control due to the centralized mass.
  • Compatible with s-Bus, XBus, Spektrum receivers.
  • Integrated TNR to change the transmitting frequency easily without powering up the quad.
  • Set of 8 RGB LED lights with dedicated 32-bit ARM processor so that you can tune your own brake light, left/right indicator and much more.
  • Lost model beeper to get the quad back on track if you ever cut loose the speedy bird.
  • Top mounted battery. This is expected in a free-style drone but racers usually prefer bottom mounted battery design.


To sum it up, Arris X-Speed FPV quad is perfect for those who have started going down the FPV racing path. Good thing is that all the parts are easily available and replaceable. It is a great value for money to have a reliable, durable, lightweight high-speed drone in a fully assembled version.

All that is important in an FPV racing drone is its speed, ability to withstand collisions and good video transmission. All these are assured in this Arris X quad.

ImmersionRC Vortex 230 Mojo ARF Racing Quad

One more fast-flying quad that is number 4 in our carefully chosen list of FPV racing drones. The vortex mojo is a freestyle quadcopter from immersionRC, who have already introduced some of the awesome almost ready- to- fly and ready-to-fly Vortex quads.

Again, the vortex mojo is not for kids or beginners but designed for the true racing pilots. You got to simply un-box, install the receiver (not included), mount the props and go flying the little falcon all over your backyard.

A good thing about this quad is that there is a plenty of room for customizing. So let us see what else it has in store for us.

The unit is quite sturdy. Made of the airframe with 4mm carbon-fiber motor arms, the racer drone is a lot durable to withstand crashes. Plus, the titanium torx hardware contributes to the lightweight yet strong built of the body.

The Fatshark gen3 600 TVL CCD camera is just perfect for the FPV. To enjoy the real immersion effect with this immersionRC mojo, you need to have a receiver and FPV goggles. The freestyle quad also boasts a molded TPU camera mount. So you can experiment with your GoPro, Runcam3 or Foxeer box if you wish.

As mentioned earlier, the Vortex mojo can be customized in several ways. The set of eight bright LEDs at the tail end is sure to catch anyone’s attention. The dedicated ARM processor lets you program your own brake lights, turn indicators or anything that you can imagine!

Keeping the practical challenges the drone racers usually face, the ImmersionRC has cleverly included features like – the integrated touch- and-run(TNR) to change the transmitting frequency and lost model beeper.

The top-mounted battery. This is expected in a free-style drone but racers usually prefer bottom-mounted battery design.

9Expert Score

Water Proof

  • Durable yet light-weight construction with carbon fiber body and Titanium hardware.
  • Well coated electronics makes the drone totally waterproof.
  • More consistent and responsive flight control due to the centralized mass.
  • Compatible with s-Bus, XBus, Spektrum receivers.
  • Integrated TNR to change the transmitting frequency easily without powering up the quad.
  • Set of 8 RGB LED lights with dedicated 32-bit ARM processor so that you can tune your own brake light, left/right indicator and much more.
  • Lost model beeper to get the quad back on track if you ever cut loose the speedy bird.
  • Top mounted battery. This is expected in a free-style drone but racers usually prefer bottom mounted battery design.


You need to buy a full-range 5+ channel and multi-function transmitter plus 2.4GHz Receiver matching the transmitter and 5.8GHz compatible FPV headset and a suitable Li-Po battery charger. If you already own or OK with spending some extra money on these, then Vortex mojo from immersionRC is definitely an amazing racer drone one could wish for.

With no major flaws to point out and lots of customization offers the freestyle quad stands out in the crowd. The RGB LED lights, integrated TNR are some of the well-thought design features sure to grab your interest.

Eachine wizard x220 FPV Racing Drone

Last but not the least, here comes the #5 in our list – Eachine wizard x220 FPV racing drone with incredible flight performance.

The first impressing feature is its well thought “X” frame structure. Combined with the 3-bladed props, this unique design ensures equal distribution of the weight and hence more stable flight.

Though there is a lot of discussion happening over 2 bladed v/s 3 bladed prop design, it is well-known fact that the 3 blades can create more thrust and reduce vibration. So, the videos will be less shaky.

Fastest drones are almost customized ones. So, now most of the racing drones follow this trend of providing full space to the drone enthusiasts to customize their speed demon as they wish.

The RTF version will be all set to fly right out of the box. Whereas the ARF (almost ready to fly) version lets you use components of your choice. Please go through the specifications carefully before buying. For beginners who are totally new to this whole drone racing business, ARF models may be a lot confusing.

However, if you are ok to spend little extra time, there are hell lots of resources available online so that you can still try the ARF versions. The four 2205 2300KV brushless motors provide great thrust. If you still wish for more speed and maneuvers, you can go for 4 s batteries.

The FPV camera is a 700TVL camera which just perfect for an entry-level quad like the wizard x220. To have the birds-eye-view, you need to buy a compatible goggle.

If you wish to record the breathtaking aerial footages, there is camera mount that could be perfect for your GoPro. But remember, this added weight may affect the speed of the drone significantly.

The easy to use ground station is a flysky I6 2.4 GHz 6 channel RC. The control range would be 500 meters. The included Flysky iA6B receiver is Compatible with FS-i4, FS-i6, FS-i10, FS-GT2E, FS-GT2G transmitters.

9Expert Score
Well Built


  • Durable and lightweight carbon fiber body.
  • “X” shaped design ensures stable flight.
  • 3 bladed pros create more thrust.
  • Powerful 2205 2300KV motors.
  • Highly customizable
  • Affordable racing drone
  • No instruction manual provided and you need to spend some time and effort on the initial set up.
  • DIP switches in the Video transmitter for channel selection.


If you are in search of an affordable, customizable and durable racing quad, you search ends here. You can count on this nimble and sturdy FPV racer – Eachine wizard X220.

With no major design and performance flaws, this could be your best pal for drone racing. However, please note that Eachine wizard does not feature altitude hold and one key takeoff/landing and hence may not be ideal for kids or those with novice skill sets.

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