Blade Chroma Drone – Our Review and Final Verdict

blade chroma drone

We are back with another review article and today we are talking about the Blade Chroma drone, which is perceived as a surprising and delightful entry into the market dominated by DJI and other big names out there in the quadcopter market. Based in Champaign, Illinois Horizon Hobby is the maker of Blade drones. With their sole goal of providing customer-friendly products, they have introduced various drones to the market so far, ranging from small-sized toy drones to advanced ones for serious drone enthusiasts. Blade’s unique patented SAFE technology brings great confidence for drone fliers even for a first-time flier. The Blade is known for its quality products and great customer service.

This post is all about one such great product from Blade – Blade Chroma drone. It is one of the high-end drones designed to keep serious drone fliers in mind. The little expensive drone with the 4K camera is just perfect to take aerial videos and photos.

So let us see some of their key features and technical aspects in detail.

Detailed Review of Chroma Camera Drone – Deep Insights

Technical Aspects

Specification Description Chroma Camera Drone with CGO2    
Flight Time 30 Minutes    
Transmission Range 600 Meters    
 Camera Resolution 4K/12MP    
 Video Resolution 1080p    
 Mobile App? Yes    
 Advanced GPS functionalities Yes    
 Ground Station ST-10+ with Display    

Core Aspects

Battery and Flight time

Once fully charged, the total time the drone can safely fly in the air is what termed as flight time. This is one of the very important features to be considered especially for drones with a sophisticated camera mounted on it. This is mainly because in most cases, aerial photography/videography along with the live streaming eat up most of the battery life.

The second reason is that drones having limited battery life is of no use for serious aerial videographers. Luckily, Blade chroma drone has not compromised with its flight time despite providing the luxury of the 4K camera. Blade chroma drone comes with 6300mAh Li-Po battery and gives a long battery life of 30 minutes.


Design wise, everything is taken care of well by Horizon Hobby. Firstly, the controller with a widescreen is kept simple and easy to use. It has got only necessary buttons and sticks.

Secondly and most importantly the design of the drone is also quite impressive. The advanced 4K camera is well stabilized by the 3 axis gimbal system. Also, the leg like a structure of the drone keeps the camera safe against landing on rough terrains.

All the quadcopters from Horizon Hobby (makers of Blade) are designed with their patented Safe or SafePlus technology. Safe Plus technology of Balde chrome ensures steady and smooth flight everytime irrespective of the pilot’s flying skills.

Apart from all these, Blade Chroma has got GPS antenna for super signal absorption. This GPS enabled drone surely has got a lot to offer for every drone hobbyists around the globe. We will be discussing those special features little later in this post.

Controller Good thing is that, while flying the Blade chroma you need not have to carry a lot many gadgets in hand. Blade Chroma drone flying up in the sky and its ST-10+ controller in your hand is all enough to enjoy the bird-eye view of your surroundings.

With the great combo of controller’s 5.5” touchscreen display and an integrated 5.8 GHz WiFi downlink, you can enjoy the clear live video transmission without any latency. The wide touchscreen of the controller also displays important telemetry data for easy maneuver. The controller has clearly marked switches and buttons which is pretty much easy to use.


This advanced drone from Horizon Hobby has got the CGO2+ that is the great combo of 4K resolution camera and the 3 axis stabilization gimbal. The camera can capture 16MP photo and intelligent no-distortion lens contribute greatly in capturing more detailed aerial images.

Along with this, the camera is also capable of taking breathtaking aerial footages in brilliant 1080p resolution. You can also shoot slow-motion videos at 120frames per second. So in short, blade chroma is going to be every aerial videographer’s dream drone for sure.

One more interesting and useful feature worth to mention here is that you can even record audio using the built-in microphone which can be turned off or on based on your preferences using the ST-10+ controller or the mobile app.

Special Features

Designed for aerial videography, boasting high-resolution 4 K camera Blade chroma offers some of the advanced features like follow me, return home etc and different flight modes. Lets us see some of them in detail.

Smart Mode

Smart mode is best suitable for beginners. In this mode, the drone moves in the direction relative to the direction you push the control sticks of the controller. The actual orientation of the drone does not matter here. It is similar to the headless mode. Also, by activating the Smart mode you can also create a virtual barrier for the drone the prevents it from flying too close or too far from you.

AP (Aerial Photography) Mode

The term is self-explanatory here. In the mode, remain to be smooth in response and predictable, the bird flies like a conventional RC aircraft without any Safe barriers. So, it goes without saying that this mode is suitable for experienced pilots to take aerial footages.

Now comes the interesting part of our discussion, that is, advanced features.

Follow Me Mode

By setting this Follow me mode, you can say the drone to follow you (or any subject for that matter) maintains a constant distance and altitude (you can set both of them of course)
The feature comes very handy when you want to take video of yourself cycling or boating by yourself from high up in the sky.

Return Home

Now, this one is a must-have feature especially for a drone in this hefty price tag Is it not safe and make you feel comfortable to fly the drone that can fly back to its initial takeoff place automatically if the battery is low or the drone has lost its signal. Return home feature does this.

After all, who wants to lose their expensive aerial videography drone and let it revolve around the earth forever and sit peacefully!

9.5Expert Score

Great one

  • Easy to assemble.
  • A longer flight time of 30 minutes.
  • Captures distortion free steady images and great quality aerial footages with the CGO3 4K camera.
  • Easy to fly with the Safe plus technology.
  • Controller with the widescreen displaying necessary telemetry data.
  • Compatible with Andriod/iOS devices.
  • Instructions in the manual could have been clearer.

Should You Buy Blade Chrome Drone? Here is Our Verdict

If you are planning to improve your photography skills and enter into the amazing world of aerial photography/videography then this particular drone with the 4K camera from Horizon Hobby is made just for you.

With its unique SAFE Plus technology, a pilot with an average skill set can also fly this drone like a pro. The best quality built-in camera can capture breathtaking aerial footages.

All in all, Blade Chroma is meant for serious aerial videographers. So if you are serious about your hobby, then you don’t have to think about its little hefty price tag! It’s worth every penny you spend.

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