BLADE Nano QX Quadcopter Review – Small & Impressive

In this review of Blade Nano QX quadcopter, we have examined the specs, features, pros, and cons followed by final verdict of Blade Nano QX.

Owned by  Horizon Hobby, Blade is based in Champaign, Illinois. They have their top-rated products in all types of products starting from the beginner level mini/nano drones to the high-end speed monsters featuring advanced flight features. Though we are overwhelmed by the range of products this company offers to the world, what we have picked up today for our review is one of the tiny ones. If you are thinking to get a nano drone yourselves, you should not miss this review of the Blade Nano QX Quadcopter drone.

About Blade – The Company

With their mission to provide excellent customer experience, they have so far produced many advanced as well as toy drones with excellent control and stabilization and great ease of use. They have patented their unique technology –  “SAFE technology “ that helps greatly in stabilizing the quadcopters. So you can always fly any Blade drone with great confidence irrespective of flying skill level.

Blade Nano QX is one of the popular products from the Blade company.

Nano QX is a compactly designed palm-sized drone from Blade with which you can learn the basics of drone flying. In this post, we the drone trends have tried to provide you the detailed unbiased review of Blade Nano QX considering all of its core aspects.

Detailed Review of Blade Nano QX

Technical Aspects

Specification Description BLADE Nano QX     
Flight Time 7-9 Minutes    
Transmission Range 61 Meters    
 Camera Resolution N/A    
 Video Resolution N/A    
 Mobile App? N/A    

Core Aspects

Battery and Flight time

Small sized drones are indeed meant for having fun indoor and often provide short battery life. So is true in case of Blade nano QX as well. The battery is Lithium Polymer 150mAh battery that can be charged using the USB-powered charger that comes along with the package. It takes roughly 30 minutes to charge fully and once charged, the little bird can fly for nearly seven minutes.


The compact design of this Blade ready to fly quad is the biggest plus point. The drone weighs hardly half an ounce and fits inside one’s palm. You can easily carry it to your workplace and have fun during leisure. Simply fun anywhere you go!

The included yellow and green canopies of this little beauty add up to the overall appearance of the Blade Nano QX.

Keeping obvious accidental crashes, prop guards are included in this beginner drone. The small plastic piece that extends beyond each of the rotating propellers is a well-thought design feature that is been added. The propeller guards not only protect the propellers but also the objects that the quad hits.

Overall, design-wise, everything is kept neat and simple in this lightweight nano quadcopter keeping beginners in mind.


The palm-sized nano drone is ideal to use indoor. I am stressing on this point because, while flying indoor there are hardly few things that can go wrong to damage the quad. The quad is tough built with airframe and blade guards. It is durable enough to handle situations like landing on a hard surface or bumping into walls that are most expected.

Sooner or later, drones will get crashed and are unavoidable especially during the initial flights. And propellers are the ones that most frequently get broken. Luckily Blade nano QX comes with four spare rotor blades. So, relax and stop worrying about breaking things and enjoy the little bird.


The controller of the Nano QX is much simple and neat and resembles Xbox type controller.  No gimmicks, no unnecessary controls but includes what are just needed. It has two sticks and a power button in between them. The left/right/forward/backward movements of the drone can easily be controlled using these sticks. The other buttons near the sticks are used for trimming and to adjust sensitivity.


Now, this is the most interesting part – the actual flying. Let us see how well the little bird flies in your living area or office cabin.

The Ready-to-fly nano quad provides two flight modes. First, one is the stability mode and is recommended for beginners who are still learning basics of drone flying. This mode keeps the quad very much stable and easy to control.

Once you have learned the basics, you can have great fun flying this tiny bird in agitation mode In this mode you get to try different flips and rolls. Confidently letting the drone to perform aerial acrobatics, you can proudly tap your back.

The discussion remains incomplete if the quad’s SAFE technology is left without any mention. The quad highly recommended for beginners mainly because of its SAFE technology. SAFE stands for Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope. This technology makes sure that the quad always remains in upright fashion thereby provides immediate confidence for the amateur.


No matter how passionate you are about drones, the budget is the main aspect that one has to consider seriously before buying a drone. But if you are planning to start your drone flying journey with this beginner friendly ready-to-fly quadcopter you do not have to shell out a lot of money. You can have great fun with this easy to use palm-sized Nano QX just by spending roughly $60. Even the spare parts and batteries are very cheap and easily available in the market.

With the included battery, extra rotor blades, colored canopies the Blade Nano QX is a great deal to have in this affordable price range.

Want to see a video walkthrough of Blade Nano QX? Sure, here is what we grabbed from YouTube for you.

9.5Expert Score
Great Fun

Safe and Fun for Beginners

  • The Ready-to-fly drone offers great fun right out of the box.
  • Easy to fly and responsive.
  • Simple nano drone with easy controls.
  • Comes with spare blades and canopy.
  • With the SAFE technology, Blade Nano QX is a safe option for beginners.
  • Being lightweight, the nano-drone cannot handle wind but offers great fun while flying indoor.

Verdict – Should You Buy Blade Nano QX?

Nano QX is one of the best-in-class toy drone perfect for indoor flying.  Even if it is your first drone worry not, everything is well-taken care of by the Blade. The two different flight modes and the SAFE technology lets you have fun without leaving anything for you to worry about. Alternately, you can also read our best 7 nano drones compilation for 2019.

In short, while gifting your kid a new drone for the first time or for yourself to learn the basics of drone flying, Blade Nano QX is highly recommended.

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