DJI Mavic Pro Drone Review


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In today's article, we are publishing a comprehensive review of one of the most sensational drones out there - DJI Mavic Pro. We will be discussing all that stuff you always wanted to know about DJI Mavic regarding specifications, features, pros and cons.

By the end of the post, you should be able to get an in-depth understanding of DJI Mavic Pro, that can help you in making your decision of getting one for you (or not).

Detailed Review of DJI Mavic Pro Drone

About DJI

If you are following companies or influencers in the drone/quadcopter world, then you must be knowing already that DJI leads the segment with its successful range of drones and quadcopters. Products related to drones from DJI have been a great success, and people from all around the world admire the quality that the company offers to them.

DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro is a drone designed for personal use. Mavic Pro looks very reliable, compact and the design is appealing with the camera fixed just under the hood of the drone. DJI has a powerful computing system installed in this drone that allows taking full advantage of a range of functions and features that the product has to offer.

No wonder it's been the heartthrob of hundreds and thousands of people around the world including filmmakers. However is it without any disadvantages?

Let's figure out all that stuff in detail in next sections.

Technical Specifications

Specification DescriptionDJI Mavic Pro
 Flight Time27 Minutes
 Transmission Range7 km
 Camera Resolution12 MP
 Video Resolution4K Ultra HD
 Mobile App?Yes

Core Aspects

Flight Time

DJI Mavic is pretty impressive with its flight time (flying time after a single charge of batteries) of 27 minutes which is regarded one of the best flight times (there are close contenders, though, such as Phantom 4 Pro). A good flight time entirely changes the equation if you are primarily into film-making using drones. A good flight time will result in better continuous videos, more pictures, more fun. No wonder flight-time alone can act as a key differentiating factor between beginners drones and professional ones.

DJI Mavic does an excellent job when it comes to flight time. Full marks there.

Transmission Range

Mavic Pro can be controlled from up to 7 kms from the control unit which is not bad. The distance range till which the drone can communicate with the base control unit is called as transmission range in drone terminologies.

Mavic Pro is fantastic in this aspect too.

Stabilizing Systems

Since a drone is an aerial vehicle and flying in the air is not as easy as it appears. The device can crash into trees, walls or hit another drone and you can expect few other mishaps if there are no stabilisation systems integrated. Thankfully, most of the drones have some or the other stabilising techniques incorporated in their products.

DJI Mavic has a great set of stabilising features such as FlightAutonomy, which allows the drone to see the obstacles that are in front up to 49 feet. It also means the drone can land back to the takeoff place automatically.

Combined with good flight durations, these stabilising systems add to the positive aspects of the product.


Mavic has a good set of rechargeable batteries. However, it's not as simple as you charge your smartphone. Mavic has a charging hub, and that enables charging of flight battery and controller. A flight battery can also act as a power bank.

Features and Add-Ons

Let's discuss the additional features that are present in the product.


Mavic Pro has an excellent camera of 12MP that can take crisp pictures and even can shoot videos at 1080p/720p including live-streaming. It can shoot videos at even 4K resolution. We think this is one of the best camera drones out there.

The camera can be controlled by DJI GO App that will enable you to leverage features such as TapFly, ActiveTrack, AutoFocus, etc. The camera support 2X digital zoom and the images are stored on the 16GB memory card integrated into the drone.

The App

DJI GO app allows you to control the device using your smartphone. However, you must note that using remote controller always give you higher flying ranges. You can switch between RC (Radio Controlled) and WiFi (Smartphone) controllers to operate the drone. You can place your smartphone on drone controller's device holder area.

Wind Resistant Feature

DJI Mavic Pro is wind-resistant up to 5 levels (means 29 - 38 kmph).

A Video Look

Here is the fantastic video by DJI themselves featuring DJI Mavic Pro. You will get a quick glimpse of what the device is capable of and how it can fulfil your aerial photography needs. We all agree to the fact that pictures speak thousand words and videos speak a thousand pictures!

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DJI Mavic Pro impresses you with its excellent flying range, accurate positioning and stabilising features. If you are a drone enthusiast, flying Mavic Pro can be an amazing experience in itself.

You would love the pictures that this device takes and the incredible aerial footages.

Smartphone App
DJ Mavoc Pro can be controlled using your smartphone. Just download the DJI GO app from Android | Apple store and you are all set to control your drone using your mobile.



Flight Time
Transmission Range
Camera Resolution
Stabilising Features


  • Score big marks in core functinal aspects
  • Advanced stablization technology with vision positioning system
  • 4K video shooting capabilities
  • 12 MP Full HD Camera
  • Good flight time of 27 minutes
  • Custom features for shooting crisp videos


  • It's not waterproof (and most of the drones are not)
  • Being small and compact, the chances are it getting damaged are high. However the sofware does amazing job of stablizing it and avoiding obstacles.

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While being little pricey, DJI Mavic Pro delivers amazing results. Packed with great features and boasting good specs, it doesn't disappoint you. If you are looking for a advanced drone that snaps great pictures and shoots incredibles videos, DJI Mavic is an excellent choice..

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