DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Drone Review

DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Drone Review

Drones were not used so randomly if we look back in time. The recent rise in their use is due to the benefits they provide. If you are going on a trip in terrain area, then you would like to capture the nature from the angle which is not possible to be obtained from ground level.  The top angle view the drone just provides that kind of advantage, that’s why people are attracted towards these drones.

Detailed Review of DJI Phantom 4 Drone

The Company Behind the Creation of Phantom 4 Quadcopter

These drones are made by the company names as DJI. It is a Chinese company, and Frank Wang started it. It is a well-known name in the production of these drones. They are best known for the exceptional standards, class, make-up and calibre. Their products have marvellous features and idiosyncrasy.

DJI Phantom 4

The design of the DJI Phantom 4 is unique and very attractive. The material used in its production is magnesium. If you have attended your sciences classes then you should remember that the magnesium metal is lightweight as well as stable, so you will carry less weight if you have DJI Phantom 4 and will not be worried about its breakage.

You have plenty of options in this drone. It depends on your usage whether you like plain sailing and perspicacious mode or you prefer speed. You have plenty of areas to capture if you have DJI Phantom 4. Its range is 5000 meter, and it can stay in the air for just two minutes short of half hour. There is a lot more under the hood; we will talk about that in the separated sections which are given below

Technical Aspects

Specification Description DJI Phantom 4
 Flight Time28 Minutes
 Transmission Range5 km
 Camera Resolution12 MP
 Video Resolution4K Ultra HD
 Mobile App?Yes

Core Aspects

Flight Time

If you are a professional and you need drones for your work related activity, then you will be picky about the flight time of your drone. The flight time is a huge factor in determining the price of the drone. So if you want to get better flight time, then you should spend some extra bucks. The DJI Phantom 4 is excellent in its flight time aspect. It can give you 0.28 hours of flight time if you charge its battery for once. If you ask us to grade its flight time performance from 1 to 100 scale, then we will give it at least 90.

Transmission Range

If you have a drone which does not provide you much of a range to operate it, then it is a waste of your money. If you look at the DJI Phantom 4, then it does provide a reasonable range to work with, which is 5000 meters. The range to operate the DJI Phantom 4 is called as its transmission range, in case if you do not know the terminology.

Stabilizing Systems

If your drone is not stable during its flight, then it will get itself involved in an accident anytime. The Phantom 4 ensures that your drone will not crash, collide or get smashed into something which you are not expecting in its way. The firm and steady flight in the air can ensure better, accurate and more detailed results. Being a professional, you will want from your drone is well balanced and stable in its flight.


To be honest, we would never want our drones to die on us when it is in flight. If we do not want this happen, then we are sure everyone else will not be happy with this either. The DJI Phantom 4 provides you with enough power which can keep it flying for quite awhile. The battery capacity is mentioned in the above section; you can take a look at that to be sure about it. You would like to have a flight battery charger as well, if you are worried about this then do not be worried anymore because DJI Phantom 4 have this function.


If you are going to buy a drone, then the first thing you will look in the drone is its camera performance. The camera of the DJI Phantom 4 packs a very solid punch; it will knock out your teeth from your mouth. It uses ½.3” CMOS sensor, and the pixels of the camera are 12.4. The max image size and video resolution in above section.

The App

It is fun to operate your drone with your mobile phone. The DJI Phantom 4 does not hold back in this field as well. You can use DJI GO app to operate it, which will not provide as much operating range as the device controller provide. You can check the supported mobiles phones on which DJI GO app can be used.

Wind Resistant Feature

It can stabilize itself if the wind speed is not over 13 m/h.

Here’s a fantastic video by DJI, featuring Phantom 4 will give you glimpse of how powerful this machine can be. You can witness its speed, the way it takes breathtaking photos and footages on its aerial route.

Smartphone App

DJ Phantom 4 can be controlled using your smartphone. Just download the DJI GO app from Android | Apple store, and you are all set to control your drone using your mobile..


Phantom 4 delivers exceptional performance in the air. Coupled with some of the advanced flight stabilization techniques, it flies quite amazingly. And not to mention, it takes crisp, high-quality pictures while it’s in the air.

8.5Expert Score
A Consumer Grade Product

Crisp Videos

  • <strong>Camera quality is second to none</strong> in a consumer grade product. We imagine commercial equipment is better, but this is hard to beat.
  • <strong>Flight time is excellent</strong> on the Phantom 4. You can expect to get 23-27 minutes of flight time on each battery depending on how hard you push it-Ease of use.
  • Remote to <strong>Aircraft Range is excellent</strong> and is well beyond line of sight.
  • You will find <strong>lots of uses</strong> like cleaning grass off the sidewalk and checking gutters for debris that you would have never thought of using this for before.
  • <strong>Makes you quite a few friends.</strong> People love these things and will watch/gather when you fly it. Pay attention as it garners a lot of attention: both wanted and unwanted.
  • Custom features for <strong>shooting crisp videos</strong>.
  • Phantom 4 is overall expensive and relatively loud.
  • Video editing can be taxing on an older computer.


You’ll read people recommending buying a cheaper smaller quadcopter before buying this. DJI Phantom 4 can easily outperform them and gives you that ‘professional aircraft’ experience while the other cheaper toys are limited in their performances overall.

From Beginner Mode (limited range, height, and prop angle/speed) to collision avoidance, etc. we are yet to have a problem. There is even a simulator in the app to use before taking off. Take it slow and safe, but it is an extremely easy system to get used to.

DJI Phantom 4 can be your personal favourite once you own it and start spending more time with it. Without any doubt, it’s an advanced piece of engineering and well-designed to offer you that fun and thrill you always wanted to see in a quadcopter.

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