Drone Batteries – Things You Should Know

Drone batteries

Battery life is one of the most important aspects of the drone that influence its flight performance. The drone might have all the great features, but if the battery life is unimpressive, it may not fulfill the needs of a budding aerial photographer or the pro. The battery life is directly proportional to the flight time of the drone.

If the drone is being used for the commercial purpose and if the user wants the great shots but due to the less flight time he is not able to achieve it. It could dampen his dreams that he had with drones.

With that being said, there are additional batteries to accomplish the user’s desire but again it will be an annoyance to change the batteries in-between the shots. Again, the user has to bear the extra cost of the additional batteries. The bad battery may cause failure and it could be as severe as the key reason for your drone crashing.

We have drones with the flight time of 6 minutes to 27 minutes but to charge the battery it takes about 45 minutes to a minimum level. If the user is using the drone only for the fun or for the casual flying, 10-15 minutes of flight time holds great. This may not be the case with professional photographers, as they need to cover many things in the single flight session. Hence, these users need to seek for the drones that have the great flight time, may be above 20 minutes.

Currently, drone makers such as DJI are leading the battle of batteries by offering a pretty decent flight times followed by Parrot and Yuneec drones. These brands give you about 27 minutes of flight time which would be good enough for commercial drone users for achieving the purpose for what they bought the drone in the first place.

Type of Drone Batteries

Lithium Polymer Batteries, which are commonly known as Li Po’s, are available in the nice Velcro bag. This bag protects the batteries from the fire hazard. The bag is quite spacious and can store multiple batteries. While charging the batteries, take care to ensure the battery is on a non-flammable surface.

These batteries are popular as they never get self-discharged. You can charge these batteries and keep them in the drawer for a month or two. You can just pick it from your drawer whenever you want to fly your drone. You will see a wide verity of Li Po batteries in the market.

Lithium Polymer cells are used for most of the drones due to their lightweight and for the great performance.

NiCad’s and NiMH’s are popular for their durability. Maintenance of these batteries has always been the key to the popularity.

We see popular Gas powered drones as well but they are not so easy to manage.

Hence it is necessary to choose the battery that fulfills your requirements and which is also safe to use. Batteries are available with the wide power range of 30mAh to 800mAh. Another key factor while choosing the battery is the “C” rating. This belongs to the discharge amount of the batteries.

The higher the power, the lower will be the discharge rate. Look into all these factors and choose the right one to have the uninterrupted flying joys.

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