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Technology. Everywhere you go, you see it. Wherever you are, you have it. Technology is all around us. One of the most impressive pieces that technology has offered over the last couple of years is drone technology.

Drones and drone technology have become increasingly used in different areas of everyday life from land surveying activities, real estate to even intended prospects of delivery services. Heck, drones are now being used as leisure tools by anyone who is willing to part with a few dollars to acquire them.

It is hard to overestimate the reach that drones have had on your day to day lives and activities over the last handful of years. However, one particular application that drones have managed to take up quite correctly is in aerial photography and videography. Yes, drones as photography/videography tools.

This particularly interesting application is most common when it comes to such activities as wedding parties, taking shots and videos of real estate houses for the sake of marketing as well as filming movies on the set. Drones have completely revolutionised photography and videography and shifted the way we perceive the whole idea entirely.

They are significantly prompting success in those various fields of application. They have proven to be quite exceptional and unparalleled. By now you might be asking yourself what makes them such impressive tools in that particular work. What exactly makes them so much suited for this type of application?

Make no mistake the new age of filming is neglecting old ways of picture taking and video making. Instead, using drones as a tool for photography and videography is the first best and snazziest way to do so. As a matter of fact, film makers have had to resolve to the use of them due to the perfect solution that they offer to the activity that is film making. UAVs are not as complicated to use as one might deem them to be.

If you have operated a remote-controlled toy car or you have had an experience with video games, then you have all the essential training you need. Drones, when it comes to filmmaking, are ideal when taking shots that are somewhat impossible i.e. aerial shots. However, with a drone, this task is reduced to a walk in the park.

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And make no mistake a drone is not as expensive as shooting with cranes or helicopters are. It is a mere fraction of what these alternatives would cost while in use. Conclusively a drone goes out of the way to make photography and or videography quite an attractive yet easy task to accomplish. This as well as factoring out the risk of safety while on set makes them a popular gadget of use in this particular line of work.

Multiplying to its simplicity and versatile nature of use a drone makes use of unique rotors. A multi-rotor drone is the one in question here. Just as the name suggests, a multi-rotor drone has many rotors/propellers driving it. This may either be a hexacopter, quadcopter or an octocopter. These multi-rotor types allow you to attach your photography or videography gear under its carriage conveniently carrying them around with as much ease as the precision it operates with.

The more the rotors it has, the better, it is suited to your purpose. Well, for those drones that do not come in carriages for you to attach your filming equipment, they come with the state of the art HD cameras that will just as much get the job done. For professional use however always go for the octocopter.

Conclusively multi-rotor and camera specifications are the two prime things an ideal photography come videography drone should come packing. For those that come with cameras as part of it (but fewer rotors), the camera must be of extreme yet exceptional quality with as low as 720p. Any other that has a less picture quality will not guarantee a commendable job eventually.

If you are serious and intend to venture in drone photography/videography, then invest in a reliable device. Drones as photography/videography tools have been used countless times in the film industry over the years and these aren’t just your regular type of movies. As a matter of fact, some scenes from the best of the movie franchises that the world has seen have been shot using drones.

A particularly good example is the movie “Skyfall” one of the spectacular films from the “James Bond” movie franchise. At the beginning of the film, there is a scene where “007” is chasing an unnamed terrorist across a marketplace. That actual scene was shot via the drone Flying-Cam 3.0 SARAH.

Additionally, the scene in the second “Harry Potter” instalment that features a flying car was also filmed using a drone as was the scene shot in the woods of Czech Republic in the movie “Van Helsing”. Consequently, movies such as the “Wolf of Wall Street”, “Expendables 3”, “The Smurfs 2”, “Game of Thrones” as well as “Pompeii” also have scenes in them that were filmed by the use of drones.

The increasing use of drones in the movie industry at large not to mention in other various activities as weddings and parties cannot be underestimated. UAVs that are exceptional when it comes to this business are such as the DJI Inspire 4K, DJI EVO S800, DJI S1000 Octocopter and the DJI Spreading Wings S900 Professional Hexacopter.

As a conclusion, it is imperative to mention how much the use of drones has revolutionised the field of videography and photography alike. Whether the situation calls for professional work or capturing moments from a wedding party, for example, the work you derive from a drone is of the same quality. Additionally, there is no financial constraint while you are using a drone for whatever activity you are capturing. Drones as photography/videography tools are indeed the next big thing. Get your drone today and enjoy photography like never before.

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