Eachine Racer 250 FPV Drone – Our Review & Verdict


Eachine Racer 250 is a product from Eachine that provides reliable FPV functionality and flies at great speed so that you can start practicing for the next drone racing competition straight away! With the tagline “Conquer the Air”, Eachine is committed to combining creativity and technology to give customer-friendly drones to the masses. This article will explore deep aspects of Eachine racer 250 FPV drone.

Starting from small-sized quadcopters to the advanced FPV drones for the serious drone enthusiasts out their, Eachine provides well-built drones at the affordable price range. Further, to meet the requirement of the drone market that is growing rapidly over the years, Eachine constantly process customer’s feedback and improve their products constantly. Eachine provides great customer service 24/7.

So, let us discuss some of the core features of this beginner race drone from Eachine here in this post.

Detailed Review of Eachine Racer 250 FPV Drone

Technical Aspects

Specification Description Eachine Racer 250 FPV Drone2    
Flight Time 10-14 Minutes    
Transmission Range 250 meters    
 Camera Resolution 1000TVL HD 800X480    
 Video Resolution 1000TVL HD    
 Mobile App? NA    

Core Aspects

Battery life

Battery life is one of the crucial aspects of any racer drone. Is it not disappointing to lose the race just because of the drained-out batteries? But Eachine is surely not going to disappoint you.

Eachine racer 250 uses 11.1V 1500mAh LiPo battery that can be charged using the B3AC balance charger. It takes nearly 1 hour for the battery to get fully charged and you are ready for the race then. You get a long time stable flight of 14 minutes. I think that is more than enough to defeat your competitor in the race right?!


Most of you will not be happy with the appearance of Eachine 250 but for a serious racer, how the drone looks is of least priority. So, let us use see the intelligent design of this beginner’s racing drone.

Design-wise, there are some interesting points worth mentioning. Some of the important basic features that are ‘must have” in a racing drone are well thought and cleverly placed in its racer drone by Eachine. The idea of two headlights and a colored taillight is a well-thought feature. It not only solves the orientation issue but comes very handy during night time flying.

OSD is another most important feature offered in this racing drone. OSD is nothing but On Screen Display. That means while flying this FPV drone, you get to see the information like flight time, current channel etc on the controller’s screen. By pressing the small red colored button on the drone, these necessary flight information will get displayed on the receiver’s screen. By long pressing the same button, you can even automatically select the frequency for real-time transmission.

The mushroom-shaped antenna helps greatly in receiving strong video signals thereby provides real-time video transmission. That is how you get to see in live what the drone is exactly seeing without any delay in the transmission.


Are you one among those who get too excited with drone racing and often end up with drone stuck in the trees or crash landing on the neighbor’s yard?! Worry not, this little fella is quite strong. Eachine Racer 250 has the best-built quality. Its carbon fiber body can take multiple crashes that are quite expected during initial flights. The two white headlights greatly help during night time flying and make the drone race a lot safer.

With Eachine Racer 250 at hand, you can race without being worried about any accidental crashes and broken parts. This is because most of the small parts of this racing drone are easily available online or any nearest shops. You can easily disassemble and assemble the parts. There will always be scope for DIY projects with this little speed demon! Whether it is antenna, propellers or camera you can easily customize/ upgrade.

Camera quality

Now, this is something very important. Please note that the included camera on this racer drone is solely for FPV and not for video recording or to take aerial images.

So, even though one may not be able to take amazing aerial footages like those using GoPro drones, it is just perfect for drone FPV. The video display from the 1000TVL HD camera of Eachine racer is very much satisfying. The camera is capable of capturing pretty much detailed images even during low light condition.

Also, the camera angle can be adjusted easily by using the four metal screw nails. An interesting fact is that the camera can be easily dismounted or replaced.


Now, you need not have to burn your pocket to get entry to the next drone racing competition. All you need to spend in roughly around $200 (price may vary depending on the BNF, RTF versions) and you can gift yourself a tough-built little speed demon that can transfer video in real time.

There are n number of drones available on the market that can fly like a falcon. Each one of them is of varied price range and offers less or more features compared to the Eachine 250. The fact that makes this particular drone stand out in the big crowd of racing drones is its affordability and simplicity. It is one of the basic beginner-level racing drones with which you can start practicing for the next racing competition.

9.5Expert Score

Safe and Fun

  • With 4 2300 KV motor, the drone is a little speed demon and is best for racing.
  • The bright LED lights are going to be of great help during night time flying.
  • Very customizable with spare parts easily available on the market.
  • FPV with the On Screen Display of various flight aspects make the whole drone flying/racing safe and fun.
  • Mushroom antenna for the strong video signal.
  • Can search frequency automatically.
  • Real-time image transmission
  • Demands you to do online research for the initial set up of the BNF version of this drone. It is worth the time and effort you spend anyhow.

Final Verdict for Eachine Racer 250 FPV Drone

If you are already an expert drone pilot and want to try your luck in drone racing then you can definitely add this Eachine 250 racer to your fleet. The super fast little bird is perfect for a beginner drone racer.

The drone is super fast, durable, affordable and most importantly very much customizable. The FPV functionality along with the On Screen Display of some of the important flight aspects like flight time, current channel etc makes drone flying a lot safer.

In short, Eachine Racer 250 is a perfect beginner racing drone that has got everything in one package at an affordable price tag. It is definitely a wise choice to buy an affordable drone for racing in the beginning instead of going for the expensive ones. At the end, you won’t be feeling guilty looking at the drone graveyard back in your garage.

So, go for Eachine 250 and Keep racing. Are you ready?!!!

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