Your Drones – Are they legal?

Drone legal

Drones are being enjoyed as great aerial toys. It’s truly fun to enjoy the drones with the photos and videos with the great quality and the distance you would like to view. Few of the shops use drones as the delivery device as well, where they save the transport cost or the labor cost.

Drones could be the real helping hands in rescue operations where there is a fire hazard or flood. The drones deliver the actual picture of the situation and help in identifying the affected lives and planning the rescue operations accordingly. They are also being used in the aerial survey and in the cultivation lands to yield the expected results.

There are restrictions while flying the drone and hence it is a necessary question to be answered: “Are drones legal”.

Let’s go over the points to decide or to conclude the answer.

The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) points out that, drones are unmanned aircraft and hence they should not be considered as toys. There are no such rules that stop you from buying the drone but the necessary instructions should be followed.

If the drone weighs more than 20 KGs then it should not be used for the commercial purpose. The registration is mandatory to use the drones for commercial purpose for the ones that weigh between 0.55 lbs and 55 lbs. Flying the drones within the 150 meters of the vast locality should be avoided. It is fine to take the drones to the parks and enjoy but still care should be taken that they are flying 50 meters away from the other people who are walking around in the park.

Whenever you fly the drone, it must be within your eyesight. To measure this, the drone should fly below 400 feet in altitude or 500 meters horizontally. If you do not want to follow this rule, then you must get the permission from the CAA. The rules vary according to the weight of the drone and this is the reason one must be educated on all these points. Know the restricted areas and avoid flying your drone in those zones.

The rules also state that using the drones to take pictures of the people without their consent is not allowed. The restrictions are due to the safety purpose and hence must be obeyed if not one will be heavily penalized. There are many cases where the person was jailed for not obeying the rules. Know the laws and learn to fly it safe before you enjoy the flying. Do not fly them near the manned aircraft. You should avoid flying them in the clouds and fly them only during the day time.

The rules are still being modified to cover the benefits to the users and to spread awareness regarding the safe flying.

The drones are definitely legal if all the rules are followed. There are few special classes being conducted to educate the drone owners on the rules and safe flying. Register your drone with the necessary info and have fun.

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